With the renewal of the range of watches, and after a first time in which Apple has presented two models in the same Keynote, we have noticed another change in strategy: Apple dispenses with the ceramic model. In this way, there will be no Apple Watch Series 6 with this finish, the most expensive version of each family of watches so far.

We are still recovering from all the news that Apple has presented, the Keynote has been fast and, even so, it was enough to load the device catalog with new watches and also new iPads; not forgetting software releases, such as the new full Apple One plan or the configuration of the Watch without iPhone Family Setup. Yes, there have been many novelties, also a resounding absence. Because, what happened to the Apple Watch in ceramic finish?

Goodbye to the most expensive finish of Apple Watch

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Along with aluminum and steel, the most common materials for Apple Watch, we had the titanium version available in the catalog and also the ceramic version, a model that, in the case of the last Watch to incorporate it, reached the figure of 1,499 euros. With the Apple Watch Series 6 it is no longer possible to choose that finish since restricted to aluminum, stainless steel and titanium.

The new Apple Watch Series 6 brings an oxygen sensor and a new processor

As specified in the Apple Store, the Apple Watch Series 6 dispenses with the choice of ceramic as a finish. Titanium, introduced with the Apple Watch Series 5, has won the position as the most expensive option to choose: Prices start at 829 euros with the Sport Loop strap. In the case of choosing the new braided and leather link straps, the cost rises to 879 euros.

The ceramic finish debuted on the Apple Watch Series 2 with a presence on the Series 3 and Series 5. It was the most ‘premium’ finish, an option that disappears for those who think about acquiring the new Apple Watch Series 6. We will see if Apple ends up discarding it permanently or reviving it for future models.

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