Our expert has chosen the Foreo Espada As the best phototherapy device to eliminate acne because it is very easy to use, it effectively prevents and reduces pimple marks.

Hormonal disturbances, stress, a poor diet, poor skin cleaning routines … even a little fluid intake! There are many factors that influence the state and health of the skin. And one of the most common consequences is the appearance of pimples and acne breakouts.

One of the latest trends to treat and eliminate them is phototherapy: thanks to the emission of blue light and its penetration into the deep layers of the skin, acne-causing bacteria can be eliminated and regeneration of the epidermis can be promoted.

What models have we chosen?

Reduce acne function of the devices participating in the comparison: Foreo Espada (winner with an average score of 9 points), “Majesty Beauty” by Melissa Acné-pin (5), Medisana DC 300 (7.5) and TOUCHBeauty PL-1693U (7). All of them have in common the use of this blue light, which they then sometimes complement with other shades with different benefits and even with vibrations.

It is important to say, yes, that all these light treatments have contraindications (not recommended for pregnant women, on moles, wounds …) and They are not suitable for all types of acne, so always consult the manufacturers’ recommendations. and even a dermatologist to avoid damage to the skin.

That said, during the tests, we have evaluated different aspects:

– Design. Although the pen format predominates, there are differences in sizes, quality of materials, construction … and all this results in comfort of use.

– Technology. They all have blue light, but three of the four models complement it with other indicated functions to enhance the results.

– Application. As we said, the design of the different devices makes it more or less comfortable to use them. In this aspect, this variable has not only been taken into account, but also the different configuration possibilities, how the control is carried out, whether they have security measures, timers, their autonomy … In short, everything related to their use.

– Results. Finally, we have evaluated the results taking into account the recommendations of each of the manufacturers on the frequencies and modes of use.

So we have tested them

All devices have been tested on the same skin: normal type, with mild acne in the T zone and chin, caused mainly by hormonal causes, and some scars derived from it. The tests have lasted five months, as follows: use of two products (each on one side of the face) for two months; a month of ‘rest’; and two other products for the rest of the time.

After this period, we have been able to verify that The best device to eliminate acne and pimples thanks to blue LED light therapy is the Foreo Espada. It is the most expensive model (and by far) of the selection, but its results are also the most notable. Its design is very careful, its use is completely safe thanks to a system that prevents light from directing to the face and complements its technology with the use of pulsations that help enhance treatment.

Foreo Espada: our choice

Goodbye to pimples: we tested four anti-acne devices and chose the best one

Bet on the combination of two elements to achieve the best results of the comparison: On the one hand, it uses phototherapy, emitting a blue light of 415 nm; on the other, it uses T-Sonic pulsations (the same ones that the rest of the brand’s devices use, including its popular Luna facial cleansers), which help the treatment reach deep layers of the skin, eliminating acne-causing bacteria and stimulating the blood microcirculation of the area. That, in turn, improves renewal and healing.

Data sheet

– Dimensions: 12.4 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm

– Weight: 104 g

– LED: 415nm blue light

– Keystrokes: T-Sonic

– Timer: Integrated: a variation in the pulsations indicated when the treatment has finished

– Waterproof: Yes

– Material: Non-porous silicone and anti-bacterial silicone coated head

– Load Durability: Up to 100 uses

Your application is very simple. Once loaded (it offers an autonomy of approximately 100 treatments) and with perfectly clean and dry skin, it is placed on the pimples. Its head is not very large, so it is necessary to repeat the treatment area by area until the outbreaks are finished. Then, just press on the power button and hold the device steady for 30 seconds, until a change in the pulsations indicates that it has finished and you can move on to the next area. Waterproof, it has a security system that recognizes when it is correctly positioned, preventing the light beam from going into the eyes and damaging them.

As we go to the beginning, is the device that offers the best results, always bearing in mind that it is necessary to be very consistent with the treatment and that it is not indicated for severe, nodular or cystic acne. Yes, it is true that it manages to reduce the marks of soft acne, but its greater utility is in that it contributes to the remission of inflammation of the pimples while they are forming. 19% discount, you save 27.96 euros.

The best: Very easy to use and good results if you are consistent.

Worst: The battery has a tight autonomy and its results depend a lot on the type of acne.

Conclusion: The best of the comparison, it combines blue light and vibrations to eliminate acne-causing bacteria. It helps effectively reduce scars and prevent the appearance of new pimples.

Buy from € 121.04 on Amazon

Medisana DC 300: the alternative and best value for money

Goodbye to pimples: we tested four anti-acne devices and chose the best one

Goodbye to pimples: we tested four anti-acne devices and chose the best one

Much cheaper than the Foreo alternative, it has the shape of a pen and allows you to choose between treating the skin with blue light (415 nm) or with red light (630 nm), depending on your needs. Thus, while the former helps improve acne, the latter is more appropriate according to the manufacturer to reduce inflammation and rejuvenate the skin.

To obtain visible results it is necessary to make two daily applications of five minutes each. In fact, the appliance automatically turns off after this time. All control is carried out from its single button: it turns on after pressing it for 5 seconds automatically in the blue light and, if it is pressed again, it changes to red. To turn it off, it requires another long press.

Powered by a battery (included); one of the reasons for its economic price. In addition, it does not have security measures to prevent light from shining into the eyes, so some care must be taken during its application. Otherwise, continued and constant use has helped reduce inflammation of the pimples and reduce their appearance. Very suitable results for its price.

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TOUCHBeauty PL-1693U

Goodbye to pimples: we tested four anti-acne devices and chose the best one

Goodbye to pimples: we tested four anti-acne devices and chose the best one

It has many characteristics in common with the Medisana model. From its design in pen format, to the use of two types of light: blue and red, which in this case emits from two different points, one at each end of the device. Another thing in common is battery operation (in this case, they are not included), the absence of security methods so that the light does not damage the view or the control through a single button. Even the usage recommendations are the same! 5 minutes twice a day. The results after using it for a few weeks are also very similar, although its score is lower because it is somewhat more uncomfortable to use due to its somewhat thicker design.

Buy for € 25.70 on Amazon

“Majesty Beauty” by Melissa Acne-pin

Goodbye to pimples: we tested four anti-acne devices and chose the best one

Goodbye to pimples: we tested four anti-acne devices and chose the best one

It is the cheapest proposal of the entire selection. In pen format, it only performs blue light treatment and a certain heat is perceived. Its construction is the worst of all, with an exterior that looks ‘very plastic’, little care in the finishes… It comes with a hood to protect the area where the light comes out, it runs on batteries and its results are not outstanding either. In addition, the application head is very small, making it take a long time when you have a large area with acne. The good thing, yes, is that it has a timer that indicates when you have to change the area so as not to expose the skin too much, and the autonomy is close to one month of use.

Buy for € 18.95 on Amazon

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