goodbye to clickbait and emojis in app names

Google has decided to tighten the rules related to the titles and descriptions of the apps.

As of the second half of 2021, a good number of Android app developers who publish their apps on Google Play, will be forced to change strategy and stop using too flashy titles and descriptions.

And is that Google has announced a tightening of the Google Play Store rules relating to the publication of applications in the store.

The cover of Google Play Store.

Goodbye to adjectives like “fast” or “free” in the titles of Google Play apps

According to the rules specified by Google, many developers will have to modify the titles and descriptions of their applications if they do not want to see their creations suffer the consequences.

Among the new rules, we find some such as the following:

App titles may not be longer than 30 characters. Unnecessary adjectives such as “free” or “fast” may not be used. Emojis, punctuation or symbols that are not necessary may not be used. There may be no text or elements that refer to the App performance in Google Play Store Misleading elements in screenshots and icons are prohibited.

Google has specified that you do not intend to remove non-compliant apps, At least in the beginning. However, they will see how their positioning in Google Play suffers in Google Play Store, and how they will stay out of sections like the main section of applications and games of the store.

Chrome on the Google Play Store

Chrome on the Google Play Store.

It is striking that, today, even Google itself breaks some of its own rules. Just take a look at the Google Chrome page on the Play Store, by including the adjectives “fast” and “safe” in the title of the application.

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