Goodbye to Benedict Cumberbatch will stop being Dr. Strange | .

The followers of Dr strange They will have to say goodbye to actor Benedict Cumberbatch because according to certain information after the second movie, the supreme sorcerer will stop playing the famous character.

People say that Marvel and disney They will stop renewing Benedict’s contract, so Dr. Strange 2 It will be the last film in which the British actor will appear.

It is said to have been through a report by We Got This Covered, that the companies’ intentions to terminate the employment relationship with Cumberbatch were known.

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According to the information that was provided, the actor would have signed to play Stephen Strange Throughout five films, these included singles and crossovers where he participated in the other films with the other superheroes.

For this reason the fime “Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness ” it would be the last one that would cover his contract, so his participation would end as agreed with said companies.

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Unlike what happened with the actors who also participate in the MCU Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth or Tom Holland, where both Disney and the MCU would not make a new job offer to continue collaborating with them.

Actually what it is intended to do is due to the current situation in the world, is that there is an inclusion so Dr. Strange will be played by a woman, who appears in the comics as the magician’s apprentice and new wielder of the cape.

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His name is Clea and she is niece of Dormammu Who will you remember for his appearance in the first film of the sorcerer, however he does not share his family ideology and decides to ally himself with Strange.

Possibly the following films that are related to the supreme sorcerer already include the character of his apprenticeIt will be interesting to see this character who has repeatedly taken his place in print comics.

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