Goodbye to announcer and grandmother of Queen Letizia, Menchu ​​Álvarez

Farewell to announcer and grandmother of Queen Letizia, Menchu ​​Álvarez | Instagram

Maria del Carmen Álvarez del Valle She was not only one of the women closest to the heart of Felipe VI’s consort, Queen Letizia, but also one of the most prominent voices in Spain, today a great duel surrounds the Zarzuela, after the inevitable departure of the announcer, at the age of 93.

Undoubtedly, a very difficult time would come for the wife of the current King of Spain, Queen Letizia, who recently faced the loss of her beloved grandmother, María del Carmen Álvarez del Valle, better known as “Menchu“.

A very close relationship between the two that lasted until the last years of the renowned announcer, same as from his home in Ribadesella’s house, he received frequent visits from the kings.

Apparently the Queen Letizia, today 48 years old, he remained pending the health of “Menchu ​​Alvarez“Even in the last moments according to various media.

“Menchu” Álvarez del Valle, Queen Letizia’s grandmother who appears in this photo, left last Tuesday. .

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The member of the Spanish royalty, Leticia Ortiz Rocasolano and the legendary assiduous to the “Princess of Asturias” awards, always were very present in the most important moments of their lives.

Menchu ​​Álvarez del Valle gave his last breath last Tuesday, at his home in Sardéu, in Ribadesella, according to the magazine Semana.

The bond between grandmother and granddaughter was so strong that Menchu ​​participated in Letizia’s wedding with Don Felipe of Spain, this by reading a fragment of the bible at the religious ceremony, according to some of the memories shared by Vanity Fair magazine. .

Menchu ​​Álvarez del Valle was characterized by being a woman with a smile drawn on her face, full of anectors and experiences worth telling. great-grandmother of the infantas, Sofía and Leonor, leaves a great void.

In the middle of her 92nd anniversary she expressed “There is nothing better than being ‘grandmother’! Affectionate nickname by her great-granddaughters, of whom, as with her mother, she remained very close and was present at key moments of the descendants of the royalty.

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Likewise, Menchu ​​Álvarez del Valle infected the queen of Asturias guiding his professional career towards journalism.

Who was Menchu ​​Álvarez del Valle?

María del Carmen Álvarez del Valle, was one of the most recognized and beloved voices of Asturian radio in which she collaborated for 42 years, particularly, she trained in local channels and collaborated in the National Radio of Spain.

The one born in Santander in 1928, said that she would like to be recognized as a woman very faithful to her work, and despite her great professional dedication, what she would consider the best role of her life was that of being a grandmother and great-grandmother, she mentioned the radio journalist in past interviews.

A woman very proud of her family as well as that of her granddaughter, Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano with the King of Spain, Felipe, of whom she told “He is a prince from head to toe. If it had touched me twenty years ago, I would not let him escape, he expressed with his characteristic good humor.

The paternal grandmother of “His Majesty”, Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, lived much of her life in the city of Oviedo, so she always felt very attached to Asturias, a land of which she always spoke wonders.

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Reason why in one of the past presentations of her great-granddaughter, the Infanta Leonor, in October 2018, at the “Asturias Awards”, she was visibly moved during the debut of Leonor, the first in the line of succession to the throne , when she dedicated a few words to the origins of her maternal family.

Asturias is the blood of my mother. I carry Asturian blood, “he said in a part of his speech that raised a great ovation among the attendees.

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