Goodbye to Anette Michel !, Master Chef already has a driver

Goodbye to Anette Michel !, Master Chef already has a host | Instagram

Good news for the beautiful Anette Michel! Although many found her departure as host of Master Chef painful, the truth is that this has opened the doors for her on the neighboring television station, Televisa and the famous project now continues with a new face .

Approaches Master Chef Celebrity and at first it was managed that it would be the former host of Venga La Alegría, Ingrid Coronado, who would be the face of this broadcast; However, TV and Notes assures that it will be the very ex of Ricky Martin, Rebecca de Alba, who takes the baton.

This special edition of Master Chef will bring together celebrities in the kitchen and Laura Zapata, Tony Balardi, Paty Navidad, Sabine Moussier, Braulio Luna, Bernie Paz and Aida Cuevas have already been confirmed.

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Who is also rumored to have taken over the leadership of Master Chef is the beloved Aracely Arámbula; but apparently, it was Rebecca de Alba who will take this place in the successful TV Azteca program.

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This news could bring some nostalgia for the beautiful Anette Michel; However, there is also good news for her, since it is said that she has a new project on Televisa, this after some participations, castings and more.

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It was the famous Juan José Origel who revealed that Anette Michel will be in charge of conducting Who is the mask? This after Omar Chaparro left the baton. The entertainment journalist stressed that Chaparro has multiple commitments in television and cinema that prevented him from continuing with the program.

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Viewers are more than happy that this beautiful woman is returning to television as Anette is considered one of the most beautiful and likable faces on television. Surely the host and actress will do very well in this new adventure.

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