Goodbye to air conditioning: they invent a cooling paper that cools houses without using electricity

The The price of electricity does not stop setting records with historical increases, and that is something that worries the Spanish. But this concern may have its days numbered thanks to the latest and groundbreaking invention by Yi Zheng, a nanomaterials expert and professor at Northeastern University: the ‘cooling paper’.

This product is placed on the roofs of houses and buildings to reduce the interior temperature by up to 12 degrees, and without using electricity. Produced on the basis of paper, it not only reflects the sun’s rays to prevent heating, but also removes heat from inside homes produced by electronic devices or by people themselves.

As it does? Thanks to the porous microstructure of its natural fibers, which absorb heat and send it outside. In addition, it is an ecological solution both for its reduction in energy consumption and for the fact that it is a fully recyclable material.

A very good alternative that will allow us to save in the face of so much uncertainty with the price of electricity. Do you want to know how it works? Look at the video that we leave you above.

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