Goodbye Super Porky! José Luis Alvarado Nieves, idol of the ring

Goodbye Super Porky! José Luis Alvarado Nieves, idol of the ring | Instagram

Jose Luis Alvarado Nieves, better known as “Super Porky” lost his life this Monday, the family of the wrestling in Mexico it is in mourning after losing one of its members with a great career.

The Mexican fighter, who in the field of battles called himself “Super Porky” or “Silver arm“He has finally met with two of his brothers, recognized within the world of AAA wrestling,

Followers and users of social networks deeply regretted when they heard the news that the brother of two great legends like “Brazo de Oro and” El Brazo “finally left last Monday.

It was in 2017 and 2013 when the world of the fight lost two of the outstanding figures of the ring and brothers of the fighter, Jose Luis Alvarado Nieves.

Super Porky“or” Silver Arm “, noted for his enormous career, charisma and member of one of the great families of fighters.

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So far, no further details have been provided of the causes or motives that led to the fatal outcome of the outstanding character of the struggles.

After the unfortunate news was released, social networks did not take long to show solidarity with the difficult moment and with the relatives of the “gladiator”

One of the farewell messages dedicated to “masked” of 58 years, they were sent from the World Fighting Council (CMLL).


The CMLL, joins the grief that the Luchistic family suffers for the sensitive loss of José Luis Alvarado Nieves, better known as “Super Porky” (Silver Arm) “Gladiator” that will mark that era in Mexican Wrestling.

Fans and followers of this sport also lamented their loss and expressed their condolences

Sad news for all of us who love Lucha Libre, today “Super Porky” better known as #BrazodePlata went to the Celestial Arena. Now the musketeers are together.

Our condolences to his children, his family and his friends were read in some of the messages on Twitter.

So also celebrities and members of the Mexican wrestling family also regretted the departure of their colleague and partner, one of them was “Blue Demon”, added to these messages, users and followers flooded the Twitter social network with images of the masked man.

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Undoubtedly for commentators and fans, the departure of the Mexican wrestler leaves a huge void in the hearts of his fans, friends and family.

Regardless of whether they like Lucha Libre or not, everyone knew who “Brazo de Plata” was, “Super Porky” masked rudeness and all charisma when losing it. Have a good trip and thank you for so many moments. Hug to @ MaXiMo-Sioux @Psychooriginal @ goyakong87 and the entire Alvarado family, describes another of the messages.

It should be remembered that “Super Porky” lost his mask next to his brothers before the villains I, IV and V, on October 21, 1988 in Monterrrey, Nuevo León. A great fight that caused a huge stir at the national level in Mexico.

Who was Super Porky?

José Luis Alvarado Nieves, whom they called “Super Porky” or “Silver Arm” was a Mexican professional wrestler who came from a wide family of wrestlers, led by Shadito Cruz.

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His career made him famous in companies such as “Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide” and the “Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre”, and World Wrestling Entertainment.

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