Goodbye Lorenzo! Chiquis Rivera, reveal supposed new boyfriend

Goodbye Lorenzo !, Chiquis Rivera, reveal supposed new boyfriend | Instagram

Surprise! Apparently the dear singer Chiquis Rivera has decided to leave Lorenzo Méndez permanently in oblivion and could be giving love a new chance. Jenni Rivera’s daughter has been romantically linked to Emilio Sánchez, a photographer of her friend Becky G and who they say would be the new boyfriend of the businesswoman.

The composer also fired rumors of an alleged relationship with Sánchez after some images circulated on social networks in which he can be seen very close to the young man at a meeting of friends. Although the rumors increased, many say that it is not the first time that he has been seen Chiquis Rivera placeholder image next to Emilio Sanchez.

The news “flew” in social networks and the media assure the photographer is the new boyfriend of the American personality, so he himself Lorenzo Mendez he couldn’t help reacting to what everyone was saying. The former vocalist of La Original wrote a few words on social networks confirming this relationship and pointing out that this would be his third friend to join his “ex”, assuring that Emilio is his friend and this could be a betrayal of that friendship.

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With this there are already 3 compas who hang out with my exes. Moral of the story, wrote the singer.

Despite the direct message, shortly afterwards Méndez deleted it, but he did not escape being questioned about this situation. The Hoy Program approached Lorenzo Méndez and questioned him if with these words he confirmed Chiquis’s courtship, the famous one refused to speak about it and indicated that if it is true, he sends him congratulations.

This would not be the first person to whom Chiquis would be romantically linked after her separation from Lorenzo Méndez. A few months ago, images of the Anímate yás interpreter circulated on social networks and you will see the most affectionate with the businessman Mr. Tempo. This is how the rumor of a romance began; however, she did not accept this situation.

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What Lupillo Rivera’s niece did do on social networks was to share that she had been deceived, something that many took as referring to the businessman, since apparently she took advantage of being linked to the famous Mexican regional music singer for her own benefit and to promote its producer.

Mr. Tempo left this situation in evidence after he even held a press conference to talk about what was between him and Janney Marin Rivera. For his part, Méndez did not resist giving his opinion and in addition to showing that he felt betrayed by whom he said he had asked if there was something with his ex and who his friend was; He indicated that the press conference he held to talk about Rivera was really absurd.

Recently, the followers of Chiquis and Lorenzo thought that there was a hope of seeing them together again, this after the interpreter shared that there is a possibility of returning with her ex, but that he should change some things.

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Chiquis Rivera has always talked about the love that exists between her and Lorenzo, so hope is still there for many, who also imagine that those eggs that the famous woman has frozen could be used to become a mother with the interpreter.

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On the other hand, the reason why the former couple separated permanently is not entirely clear, since the daughter of the Diva de la Banda assured that she would not speak about it, especially out of respect for the mother and daughter of Lorenzo Mendez. Despite this, his brother recently raised doubts by ensuring that they separated because the singer was able to “put a hand” on his older sister.