Goodbye Hollywood? Jennifer Aniston embarks on a new project

Goodbye Hollywood?  Jennifer Aniston embarks on a new project (AFP)

Goodbye Hollywood? Jennifer Aniston starts a new project | .

We are about to say goodbye to a very chaotic 2020 and many of the figures in the entertainment industry have looked for other ways to undertake new projects that contribute to their income, Jennifer Aniston seems to be one of them.

Apparently the famous histrionic, the remembered former partner of Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, who seems to have found a new career path, is he leaving the acting world?

It was the same actress who shared an image in which many questioned whether the new project of the protagonist of the popular program “Friends“Includes a new series, movie or perhaps an advertising campaign.

However, very few imagine the new project that the remembered character of “Rachel“He has in his hands, and unless this is so far from the realm of entertainment, one of the fields where the multi-award-winning artist moves like a fish in water.

Now the producer will also try to try her luck in other fields, she shared very happy and excited through her social networks that she has a new professional adventure.

I am very excited to (finally) announce that I will be joining @vitalproteins as Creative Director. ” With these words and an image of her embracing a box of products of the brand, Jennifer has announced her business project with this brand of “nutritional products of sustainable origin that promote health, fitness and natural beauty”, just like them themselves are described.

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Aniston, considered one of the richest women according to Forbes on the 2007 list, shared that she has used these products herself, so she appears to be the ideal ambassador to promote her new business focused on inner beauty, “Vital Proteins

I started using Vital Proteins on a regular basis years ago, so when the opportunity to be part of the brand in a bigger way presented itself, I jumped on it. I have always been an advocate for wellness from the inside out.

Jennifer Aniston’s beauty secret

For this reason, it would be Jennifer who has decided to become the face of her own campaign to publicize the brand’s products and particularly one of them.

I am very happy to share the importance of collagen ”

It is worth mentioning that collagen is one of the star products to which the “Vital Protein” brand dedicates a large part of its range of supplements. Jennifer Aniston has just discovered one of her beauty secrets and is willing to take her loyal followers to know all its benefits.

In the snapshot, you can see the interpreter of tapes such as “A lying wife”, “He doesn’t like you that much”, “A couple of three”, “My girlfriend Polly”, to mention a few, she appears in a very natural, smiling at her new initiative while hugging a large basket full of produce. Is this the reason why the 51-year-old actress remains incredible?

In another of the sessions, the spectacular actress wears a sporty outfit that highlighted her silhouette with a short top and leggings, it is worth mentioning that the star has made the discipline of yoga part of her lifestyle and through this same publication they could be appreciated his arms, waist and impressive abs which would be the results of all the physical effort.

Our strength starts from within, so I choose good nutrition and the right supplements to start my day, the Friends star shared in an interview with People magazine.

It has not been the only occasion in which the famous one has shown proof of breaking the barriers of time since on other occasions she has been seen with swimsuits that have caused a stir on the internet.

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The Californian is one of the women who breaks it in any way, whether she looks with minimal garments or when appearing in glamorous brand dresses, as well as being one of the most appreciated in the Hollywood industry.