The new coronavirus has added a new “victim” in the world of sports.

Liga MX announced yesterday the cancellation of the Clausura 2020 tournament due to the contingency that the country is currently experiencing, where just on Thursday the highest number of people infected with COVID-19 was registered, and yesterday the maximum number of deaths in one day.

The tournament in the women’s branch was also canceled, while no announcement has been made about the Copa MX final between Rayados and Xolos.

It is the first time in the professional era, which began in the 1943-44 campaign, that a tournament is canceled and there is no champion. Although the 1930-31 campaign, which was also canceled, was about amateur football.


This decision was made yesterday at the Extraordinary Assembly of Liga MX, and it was unanimous, the Liga explained in a statement.

“This Friday, May 22, 2020, the Extraordinary Assembly of the LIGA MX was held, making vital decisions that allow us to ensure the health of all the people who make up the LIGA MX family and the integrity of the soccer industry.

In recent weeks, permanent working meetings and talks have been held with the Health Sector of the Federal Government that would allow us to resume the Clausura 2020 Tournament with full responsibility, without putting any member of the soccer family in Mexico at risk.

However, the time of the contingency that we are living has caused increasing scheduling restrictions, which do not allow us to maintain competition without putting at risk the members of this great family.

Therefore, in absolute unity, the Extraordinary Assembly of the LIGA MX agreed to conclude the Closing Tournament 2020 of the LIGA MX in its men’s and women’s branches in advance, “says part of the statement sent by the League.


Clausura 2020 has stopped since last March 15, and 10 days had passed, with Cruz Azul in first place, León one point down, and Santos Laguna in third place.

The League reported that there will be no champion team; On the percentage table it was said: “to complete the missing matches of the Clausura 2020 Tournament, the results obtained by the Clubs in the matches with the same conditions, locality and rival, to be played in the Apertura 2020 or Clausura 2021 Tournaments will be taken into account , according to the case”.

While for the Concacaf 2021 Champions League, the eligible clubs will be Cruz Azul and León, due to their position in the table.

For the Apertura 2020 tournament, the League reported that it will be in the first week of June when the date for the return to training is defined, while the start of the tournament will be based on the recommendations of the Federal Health Sector.

The matches would be held behind closed doors until there are favorable conditions for public access.


José Riestra, director of soccer at Orlegi Deportes, considered that the decision to cancel Clausura 2020 was “the best” and a general protocol for coronary tests is already being worked on.

“It was the best thing for this moment for Mexican Soccer, after all the evaluations they had made in Mexican Soccer, it is for the good and so we received it in Grupo Orlegi. Enrique Bonilla has worked on it, he made us the proposal to send us a protocol to follow, the government is clear, the PC tests that we will have to do, with laboratories that are certified. “

Riestra ruled out that goalkeeper Jonathan Orozco will have a sanction after the meeting organized at his home days before confirming that he is positive for COVID-19.

“He really does not leave the quarantine at home, he publicly acknowledged his mistake, why look for an impact? He knows that he is wrong, it is not easy to recognize, we have reached a discussion with him, the sanction will not change the situation, when one recognizes that it is not necessary to delve more in the subject “.

In addition, he ruled out that the 12 positive cases of Santos are related to each other, although he recognized that, as a result of what happened with Orozco, it could be thought that there were contagions in the aforementioned meeting.

“We had a call with all the players, the 12 cases do not have to do with each other, they did not coincide or they met or had eaten in the same place, Jonathan explained it well, he had a meeting at his house, with his family, the mistake he makes and he admits it is having brought a group to his home for his birthday, it can be a cause, we cannot say that it is the cause, but there was never any interaction between several players “.


Some personalities of the soccer medium spoke about the cancellation of the tournament.

“For all the clubs it is a very hard blow in the economic part, but it is for all football and the world in general, we are not exempt (from getting sick) and it was the most sensible thing according to the circumstances that are taking place in the country “, declared in TUDN José Manuel de la Torre, technician of the Red Devils of Toluca.

“Liga MX made a difficult decision and it is a decision that is consistent with life and in the end, Liga MX has the support of the Federation. It was a unanimous decision,” Yon de Luisa, president, told a television channel. of the Mexican Soccer Federation.


Liga MX reported yesterday that three other elements of the Santista squad tested COVID-19 positive.

“This Friday the third delivery of results of the COVID-19 tests carried out on the Club Santos players was received, finding that 3 of 8 were positive,” he explained in a statement.

In total there are 15 elements of Santos who tested positive, out of a total of 39 tests.

It was mentioned that all are asymptomatic and are in isolation and under the medical supervision of the club.



New coronavirus infections in Santos were announced yesterday; in total they add up to 15.

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