Gonzalo Peña already testified in the case of Daniela Berriel and confirmed that there was a violation

A few months ago, Daniela berriel he denounced through his social networks Gonzalo Pena as an alleged accomplice of Eduardo Ojeda for having abused her and after she fled Mexico to avoid facing justice, the actress’s lawyer, Xavier Oléa confirmed that the actor finally went to the authorities to give his statements.

The Spanish actor has already given his version of events regarding the alleged sexual abuse suffered by the actress in March 2020 by Eduardo and what he said supports the victim’s version, as reported by Oléa in an interview.

“He could not tell them in detail what he said, to take care of the investigation, but Gonzalo Peña tells the truth, and his truth coincides with Daniela’s truth”, Revealed in the program ‘Ventaneando’.

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According to the conversation that arose during the broadcast, it was mentioned that what Gonzalo declared is valid in the research folder, since accepted that what happened last year in Guerrero was indeed a violation and this helps to strengthen the arguments for the appeal.

“These statements, being before a notary public, have legal validity and strengthen Daniela’s saying and strengthen our arguments for the appeal”, Assured Daniela’s representative.

Berriel’s lawyer avoided giving more details about the content of the statements to save the investigative measures, but commented that The formal request has already been made for the prosecution to take them into account.

“The State Attorney General’s Office will have to act accordingly, we and Daniela’s lawyers have formally requested it,” he said.

On the other hand, Daniela, who was also present at the interview, said she was calm with the progress that has occurred in her case and that He trusts that what Peña has said will help to finally do justice to him.

“I felt more peace, because obviously having his statement that helps me a lot, it helps me legally and it also helps people to (believe), because many people still doubted, I still received negative messages and I think that once we have Gonzalo’s statement there is no longer any doubt ”, he highlighted.

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