Gonzalo Miró “freaks out” with the tense relationship of the contestants of ‘MasterChef’ with this partner

Gonzalo Miró, in ‘MasterChef’. (Photo: TVE)

After the Madrid elections, the ninth edition of MasterChef has returned to the TVE grid. The contestants have had the visit of Florentino Fernández and Gonzalo Miró, participants of MasterChef Celebrity, who have found out the tense relationship between the companions.

After the uproar in the previous program after accusing Ofelia of “copying” a dish from Arnau, the Galician woman’s story of heartbreak with her companions continues.

Ofelia, Arnau and Flo –although this without pressure– have competed this Tuesday for the immunity pin, with which the winner would be saved from an elimination test. Meanwhile, Miró has spoken with the rest of the contestants and has inquired about the moods and tense relationships starring the strong personality of Ofelia.

″ Do you have good vibes in editing? ”, The journalist wanted to know. “Yes, too much”, they have responded. “Who gets on badly with whom?” He insisted. “Ofelia with everyone”, has summed up Vero.

“It is not competitive, it is false. She is egocentric, all the time calls for attention ”, has continued to the string of criticisms against the Galician. “Very strange things that we had not seen yet,” added Alicia.

Shortly after, and in a part, Miró has confessed to Flo, that he is “freaking out.” “I thought we were getting on badly,” he said. “We have been a very respectful edition with each other,” concluded Flo, focused on his plate.

Ofelia, for her part, has been surprised at the situation with her companions. “I feel isolated from the rest, defeated, devastated, because I thought I had …

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