Reinventing yourself for culture and entertainment entrepreneurs is a mandatory step considering that mass events will be the last to revive.

Strategies are digital and ways to monetize must also change. We spoke with Gonzalo Cortés, Linving’s manager, to understand where the sector is now heading after the pandemic:

What do you visualize of the entertainment sector, with everything that is happening? What we see is that the sector will end up hit hard with a very slow recovery and I fear that talent may migrate to other countries.

How much does the loss amount to? At this time, Linving’s losses amount to 7,000 million pesos, not counting the countless jobs that have been lost, which are more than 250, direct and indirect.

And what are you aiming at? We are committed to generating income for artists and we hope to do so through a streaming concert platform called and contributions to Sayco and culture.

How much is the investment in the platform? It amounts to 700 million pesos and with it Living gives a turn to entertainment with a new space that brings concerts and culture to life in general.

What new things are there to learn? We have to teach our artists to monetize in this new scenario in which there will be no face-to-face audience.

What will they have at GoLiving? We will have an artistic space for more than 50 artists or groups monthly. We open this May 30 with the live show of the best popular music artist of the moment: Jessi Uribe, we continue with another great one such as Yeison Jimenez and then Luis Alberto Posada and the Great Combo of Puerto Rico.

How many families benefit from this new project? The beneficiary families are incalculable since the presentations generate other types of jobs such as logistics, compliance with biosafety protocols, surveillance, site cleaning, cameramen, sound engineers, courier service for promotional deliveries and many other activities that will generate a significant number of jobs.
For Living entrepreneurs any sector can open space on this platform created for everyone.