Golf fever – The Fourth FDG Golf stop and Canita tour

The fourth stop of the “FdG Golf Tour 2020” held at the Guavaberry golf course was described as a great success. The tournament is the last of the regular season, and 6 flights or categories played in stroke play format for best gross score (5 for men and one for ladies). The event is characterized by the large pool that is divided equally, with a trophy for the champion of each flight.

The players were not shy about showing their agreement about their participation in the only competitive tour of the country. “Apart from the choice of courses, what I like the most about the FDG Golf Tour is that it combines the competitive aspect with the social aspect very well. We are living in very difficult times, and this type of event is good for the soul and the spirit, ”said Franklin Frías after finishing his round of play. Strong distancing protocols, tee time departures, individual carts, health kits, score card delivery via WhatsApp and virtual awards are some of the characteristics of the FdG Golf Tour. Winners: Don Marcos Flight: 1st. José Miguel Soriano. Villalona Flight: 1st. Amilcar Kalaf. Toñito Flight: 1st. Magín Ferreiro *, 2nd. Modesto Díaz *, 3rd. Franklin Mass. Lizarazo Flight: 1st. Edward Marte, 2nd. Luis Serret, 3rd. Jose Mera. Ubaldo Flight: 1st. Alvaro Navarro, 2nd. Volker Schmid. Brenda Flight: 1st. Gross, Cecilia Rosado de Nord, 1st. Neto, Mariel Villalona, ​​and 2nd. net, Debra Luna. The event was sponsored by TaylorMade, BM Cargo’s Azua Branch, AmeriRent, Santo Domingo Wellness Center, Humano Seguros, JC Simó Human Performance, DMC, Hospifar, and La Aurora Cigars. We have already started preparations for the final stop that will be on December 12 at Dye Fore, Casa de Campo.

Tiebreaker by card.

Canita Tour: Exciting the second stop of the tour that has Willy Pumarol as champion after a great Sunday. Willy, who in the first round had been third tied with Manuel Relancio, had an impeccable round of 67 shots and relegated to second place one of the leaders of the first day, Juan José Guerra, who made 71, finishing second in the event tied with Relancio. In third place came Hiram Silfa and Rhadamés Peña (-2) tied. On our website are all the results.

Pool for Grandparents: The seventh edition of the Ing. Alberto González Open 2020 Golf Tournament was held in Dye Fore, (Great Christmas Pool for Grandparents), and had an extraordinary collection of RD $ 1,623,360.00 to benefit the Hogar de Ancianos Padre Abreu La Romana.

The tournament, in which 116 players participated, had a special dedication to the outstanding golfer Cecilia Rosado De Nord, and was organized by Joaquín Montero and Alberto González, who announced that the eighth edition will be held on December 6, 2021, at the same time that exhorted businessmen in the country to join this beautiful and laudable cause.

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