Goleada and draws in the Sudamericana


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The Bay Brazilian thrashed this Tuesday for 5-0 to Guabirá Bolivian on the second day of the South American Soccer Cup and with four points he went on to lead Group B. The goals of the match were scored by Áleson (minutes 8 and 79), Juninho (min.40) and Marcelo Ryan (minutes 65 and 71). The match between Brazilians and Bolivians was played without an audience at the Pituaçú stadium in the city of Salvador, capital of the state of Bahia (northeast). On the first day of the group, Bahía drew 1-1 in their visit to Uruguayan Torque, while Guabirá fell 1-3 in Montero against Independiente Argentina.

The first goal came after eight minutes in a play by Thonny Ánderson, who released Aleson to open the bookmark. In the 23rd minute, after a foul on the Ecuadorian Kevin Mina, the Chilean referee Cristian Garay sanctioned a penalty in favor of Guabirá which was launched by Salvador Mercado and saved by local goalkeeper Matheus Teixeira.

Bahia’s second goal came after 40 minutes with a free kick from Matheus Galdezani and Juninho he beat the Bolivians in the air game. Those led by Dado Cavalcanti controlled possession of the ball in the second half, leaving no possibility of reducing the difference to the Bolivian team, trained by Argentine Victor Andrada.

At 65 minutes, in a play by Áleson, the newly incorporated Marcelo ryan He made it 3-0 with a header and in the 71st minute, in a combination with Renán Guedes, the same attacker left goalkeeper Saidt Mustafá defenseless for 4-0.

After the expulsion of Bolivian Jéfferson Ibáñez, Bahia increased their lead in the 79th minute with Áleson, after a previous play by Daniel and Marcelo Ryan, to decree the lapidary 5-0. Bahía kept up the pressure and Matheus Galdezani, Jonas and Paraguayan Oscar Ruiz, on two occasions, were able to extend the win.

The game that will close the second day in the group will be played this Wednesday by Independiente, who has three points, and Torque. On the next day, the third of the group, Bahía will host Independiente on May 4 and the following day Montevideo City Torque will host Guabirá.

Huachipato and October 12 sign tables

No goals and with very few emotions the clash between the Chilean ended Huachipato and the October 12 ° Paraguayan, played at the Sausalito Stadium in Viña del Mar on the second round of Group A. The Chilean team could not confirm at home the good performance shown in their victory against the powerful San Lorenzo and gave a gold point to October 12 , who only turned to attack well into the second half of the match. The clearest play of the match occurred in the 90th minute, when the crossbar said no to Huachipato striker Cris Martínez who connected a header after winning the position with a jump that left goalkeeper Mauro Rubén Cardozo unanswered.

Despite concentrating 77% of the ball’s possession throughout the entire engagement, Huachipato failed to penetrate the rigid defense of the Paraguayan team, a true wall that impeded the depth of the advances of the local team. And it is that the script proposed by October 12 did not move away from what was already shown in previous instances: retreating in their own field and betting on the counterattack, in addition to advancing their lines to try to do damage from the stopped balls.

Neither formula worked: the first half ended with no shots on goal for both clubs and the hosts had a couple of chances in the second half, with most of the game being resolved in the midfield. With 0-0, those led by Juan José Luvera occupy the top of Group A with four points, a place they share with October 12.

Ceará draws with Arsenal

The Ceara Brazilian drew goalless against Arsenal on Tuesday in the second day of Group C of the South American Cup and maintained the lead before the game between Bolivians Bolívar and Jorge Wilstermann. While waiting for what happens between Bolivian clubs on Thursday, Ceará leads the classification of zone C with four points, Bolívar has three, Arsenal one and Jorge Wilstermann zero, because he lost in his debut against the Brazilians.

Arsenal’s left-back Lucas Suárez had to be replaced due to injury in the 12th minute. In his place came Emiliano Papa, 39 years old and with a past in the Argentine national team, Vélez and Independiente, among other teams.

Arsenal and Ceará shared possession of the ball and, although they looked for the rival goal a lot, they did so without precision in the shots. The locals tried to reach the goal on the wings, but the Brazilians were firm and deserved to win.

Arsenal manager Sergio Rondina sent Brian Farioli onto the field at halftime in place of Emiliano Méndez to try to make the team a bit more offensive, but failed to tilt the field in his favor.

Arsenal, who had three consecutive victories in the local tournament, could not transfer their good performance to the international tournament. The local goalkeeper Alejandro Medina was one of the figures and took out two balls that were destined for a goal. In Ceará, Colombian John Mendoza stood out, who was very close to scoring several times.

The second day will close on Thursday with the duel between Bolivians. In the third, Ceará will visit Bolívar and Arsenal will receive Jorge Wilstermann.