Golden State Warriors sells its NBA champions rings as NFT

NFT fever is once again infecting the world of basketball, with the launch of a collection of non-expendable tokens of the Golden State Warriors. The San Francisco-based team announced the launch of its NFTs this Tuesday, April 27 through a statement.

This collection is called the Golden State Warriors Legacy NFT Collection. And according to its statement, it seeks to commemorate the team’s legacy and milestones, currently auctioned on the OpenSea platform.

The series includes NFT of the most important moments in the history of the Californian team, six times champion of the professional basketball league of the United States, the NBA.

Among the collection, stands out a representation of each NBA champions ring. The first three championships (1947, 1956 and 1975) 25 units of its NFTs. The most recent ones, those obtained in 2015. 2017 and 2018, will have 50 editions each.

Golden State Warriors commemorate their historic moments with the NFT collection. Source: @warriors on Twitter.

In addition, the collection includes digital representations of tickets from some of the most iconic matches from the history of the franchise, such as the championship or the last in its previous headquarters, Oracle Arena; and the first game of its new arena, the Chase Center.

The Golden State Warriors Legacy NFT Collection also has two unique special editions: a ring with all of the team’s champion rings and a “golden ticket” representing “the 74 years of historic Warriors moments on a ticket stub.” These special editions already exceed 6,000 and 7,000 dollars respectively in the auction, at the time of writing this article.

People who complete any of the collections (rings or tickets) will access other additional NFTs. Whoever buys all 6 rings will have a digital representation of a banner from all the championships, while those who have all the tickets available will unlock a digital display where those tickets will be grouped.

Part of the proceeds generated by this NFT collection will go to the Warriors Community Foundation. Through this non-profit organization, created in 2012, the Warriors maintain charitable programs “to support the education and development of youth in the Bay Area. [San Francisco]»Reads the website dedicated to the collection.

NFT in the NBA world

Golden State Warriors is the first NBA team to launch its own NFT collection. However, already the basketball league has experienced the impact of these tokens and the interest of the fans for these, as CriptoNoticias has already reported.

NBA Top Shot, an NFT trading platform based on featured stocks from league games, is currently among non-fungible token sites with higher trading volumes.

In just one week, NBA Top Shot has moved more than $ 14 million in trade, according to DappRadar.