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Los Angeles, 29 ju. . .- The former US police agent Joseph James DeAngelo, accused of 13 murders and more than 40 rapes committed some 40 years ago in California and known as the Golden State murderer, pleaded guilty Monday to the crimes he was charged with. blamed to avoid the death penalty.

Dressed in the prisoners’ characteristic orange clothing and with a protective mask, DeAngelo, 74, admitted that he committed 13 murders and as many rapes when appearing in a court in Sacramento (California, USA).

The guilty plea was written, so there was no room for impromptu confessions in one of the most followed and followed media hearings in recent years in California.

A few weeks ago, the Los Angeles Times spoke to some of the DeAngelo victims, who said they were relieved but frustrated that the man had already lived his entire life.

The criminal, who had been a police officer during the 1970s, was arrested in April 2018 in Sacramento, the state capital, thanks to the comparison of DNA evidence collected in crime scenes with that of data banks of dedicated companies to genealogy through genetic testing.

In total, DeAngelo has been accused of 13 murders and 45 rapes committed some 40 years ago, events that shocked California and the entire United States at the time.

The victims were between 13 and 41 years old, according to official records from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

At the time, the FBI offered $ 50,000 to anyone who could provide information on this mysterious and bloodthirsty criminal, as part of a campaign in 2016 that sought to clarify a case that went decades unsolved.

Although the suspect is linked to a series of crimes that began in 1976 with robberies and sexual assaults in Sacramento, according to investigations, the first murder he committed was that of Air Force Sgt. Brian Maggiore and his wife Katie, young men recently married that he allegedly killed on February 2, 1978 in the city of Rancho Cordova, in Sacramento.

The couple was allegedly ambushed by the individual while walking his dog without a motive being known, which opened a series of crimes that continued until 1986.