A new Arcadian platform of those to test our reflexes, and nostalgic visual style pixelart, plans to join the eShop of the Joy-Con console, it is Random Heroes: Gold Edition, a new collaboration between the independent developer Woblyware – known by previous titles such as League of Evil, Omega Strike or Devious Dungeon 1 and 2-, Somepx – creator of the curious combination of puzzles and platforms Mekabolt – and Ratalaika Games, a powerful indie publisher where There are, responsible for having brought several of the above to the Nintendo Switch eShop and many others to come.

In it, a series of anonymous heroes from the strangest origins (hence the title of the game) will face an alien invasion to which they must put a braking weapon at the ready. The adventure consists of nine chapters with twelve levels each, and in them, apart from liquidating every bug that comes near us, we can collect coins that we can later invest in improving our weapons equipment, being able to choose from 28 most random heroes , each with their respective unique abilities. This game will be available in the Nintendo Switch eShop starting tomorrow Friday April 3 for € 4.99, and to get a better idea of ​​what awaits us in it, you can take a look at its presentation trailer:

Random Heroes: Gold Edition presentation trailer (Nintendo Switch eShop)

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