Updated on 07/12/2020 at 09:00

Manga Dragon ball super It has extended the universe of Goku and company after the anime’s closure in 2018, specifically with the Tournament of Power and then with the return of Broly in theaters around the world. The Legendary Saiyan and other characters now have new looks.

After many years this character returned to the canon, but the best thing would be that Shintani was in charge of redesigning the characters. In this way, Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Broly and the minions of the villain of the 90s were renewed.

Sadly, the anime did not show various Z warriors like Gohan. The big question from fans was where Goku’s son was and why he didn’t help defend Earth.

Well, fans have taken care of Gohan’s redesign. The user AubreiPrince He shared via Twitter a small frame from the past Dragon Ball anime but with the same Shintani style.

At the same time, u / RedditorEyeman He showed us on Reddit a video in the same style as the movie. Of course, the son of goku is the protagonist of this art.

Gohan Animation Practice from r / dbz

Dragon Ball Super: Gohan’s rebirth appears in ‘fan made’ manga

Before launching Dragon ball superAkira Toriyama commented in an interview that he was planning the return of his work to take a generational leap in the Z warriors. Gohan would be the protagonist but this idea ended up being modified because it was not going to be as popular.

However, at the time of the premiere of the anime and manga it was revealed that the mangaka simply discarded this idea since it was not going to make his work as popular. What we saw in the end was an incredible leap in Goku’s power.

Toyotaro, the keeper of the canon manga, followed the same path in the Galactic Patrol saga but focused more on Vegeta. At this time, Dragon Ball Super presents the great fight of the Z Warriors against Moro.

Interestingly, the villain has already defeated Goku and Vegeta so the man in charge of defeating him would be Gohan. For this reason, a fan has created his own manga in which Gohan is seen defeating the enemy.

Of course, these images are highly inspired by the Gohan vs. fight. Cell. After the hard blow to the leg, Moro ends up expelling Android 73 from his body, which he had assimilated to take his power and his hidden techniques.