‘Godzilla vs. Kong ‘,’ Tom and Jerry ‘or’ Nomadland ‘, the cinema that has animated the box office for Easter

Second consecutive week at number one at the box office in Spain, and also with a collection “like before”, exceeding one million euros. Godzilla vs. Kong has once again attracted the most viewers to theaters. According to data, still provisional, from ComScoreMovies, has entered 1,156,083 euros last weekend and its accumulated in just two weeks almost reached 4 million.

Tom and Jerry followed in second place with 422,712 euros and, in the third position, Nomadland, favorite at the Oscars, with 242,105 and the only one of the three that increases its collection compared to the previous weekend, that of its premiere, by 9 percent.

A picture of ‘Pray for us’ Sony

‘Pray for us’, novelty and best average per screen. The horror film endowed with religious elements and starring Jeffrey dean morgan debuted with 192,548 euros and the best collection average per screen. It was exhibited in 219 and obtained an average of 879 euros in each one.

Raising more than the previous week. Of the ten highest grossing titles, three are the titles they have seen as the Easter holidays favored them increasing your income. The most animated feature film The Croods: A New Era with no less than 76 percent (and has collected more than 4.5 million in our cinemas), Raya and the last Disney dragon 44 percent, and the aforementioned Nomadland.

Oscar nominee actress. One of the novelties was the United States against Billie Holiday which has an Oscar nomination, for your actress (Andra Day). Premiered on 79 screens collected 31,181 euros on your first weekend. Although it did not debut in the top ten. He had to settle for entering twelfth place.

The 10 highest grossing in Spain (from April 2 to 4)

'Godzilla vs.  Kong '‘Godzilla vs. Kong’Warner Bros.

one – Godzilla vs. Kong. 1,156,083 euros (and in 10 days accumulates 3,834,398 euros and 595,532 viewers).

two – Tom and Jerry. 422,712 euros (and in 10 days, 1,265,249 euros and 207,605 viewers).

3 – Nomadland. 242,105 euros (and in 10 days, 670,999 euros and 104,502 viewers).

4 – Pray for us. 192,548 euros (and in 5 days, 286,342 euros and 44,602 viewers).

5 – Raya and the last dragon. 123,814 euros (and in 31 days, 1,071,034 euros and 180,784 viewers).

6 – Monster Hunter. 115,059 euros (and in 10 days, 378,055 euros and 58,476 viewers).

7 – The Croods: A New Era. 94,987 euros (and in 103 days, 4,556,859 euros and 775,966 viewers).

8 – Immune. 52,537 euros (and in 17 days, 330,394 euros and 54,582 viewers).

9 – Minari. Family history. 44,413 euros (and in 24 days, 442,500 euros and 76,089 viewers).

10- The translators. 35,045 euros (and in 17 days, 206,200 euros and 33,980 viewers).