Godzilla vs. Kong sets new record and becomes the most successful premiere of the pandemic

Few were able to resist the charms of Godzilla vs. Kong – 85%, the new MonsterVerse movie that is on everyone’s lips. Warner Bros. and Legendary showed their confidence in the film by giving it a simultaneous theatrical and streaming release, and things are going better than expected. New information reveals that the film has had the most successful premiere in the United States since the pandemic began last year. Without a doubt, it is a spectacular triumph for the companies in charge of its production and distribution. Read on for all the details.

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Godzilla vs. Kong brings us back to the famous beasts most representative of pop culture. The film is full of incredible scenes in the company of the stellar pair, multiple battles of the amazing titans in which the viewer has the opportunity to enjoy to the fullest. The film appeared on the billboard in countless cinemas around the world on March 24, and by March 31, it was available on HBO Max, one of the most popular streaming services in the United States at the moment. But it is the numbers at the box office that have surprised social networks.

According to a new report from Variety, Godzilla vs. Kong It was able to produce US $ 32 million at the United States box office and a total of US $ 48 million during its first five days in the 3,064 theaters it reached, something surprising for a film released in a pandemic. No other title has managed to achieve such numbers since the health crisis began, making the new MonsterVerse movie the most successful local release. Warner Bros. and Legendary should be very pleased with the situation, who can boast to the other Hollywood giants of their enormous triumph.

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But neither should we forget the feat achieved by Godzilla vs. Kong at the global box office, because through Box Office Mojo it is confirmed that the film has raised a total of US $ 248 million, the largest collection of the pandemic. Considering that production expenses came to US $ 165 million, it still needs to go a little further to get some real benefits; But no one takes away the fact that its success is definitive and that it has far outpaced the other major Hollywood releases in the last twelve months. The MonsterVerse is still very much alive.

Although the pandemic continues, there are not few who have confidence in the gradual recovery of the industry. Mary parent, Vice President of Global Production for Legendary, shared a few words with Variety about Godzilla vs. Kong and the future of cinemas: “The worldwide reception of the theatrical release of this film is a positive sign for cinema attendance as people continue to look to entertainment in a post-pandemic world.” In the United States, 55% of theaters have reopened, a good indication that the crisis is losing power, and we must not forget that the distribution of the vaccine has been carried out more quickly in that territory.

What will the next MonsterVerse movie be? At the moment there are no details about it, but we can be very sure that Warner Bros. and Legendary will stop at nothing when it comes to continuing with the world of Toho monsters. We still have many years of adventure for the giant characters that we love. Meanwhile we can enjoy with Godzilla vs. Kong on the billboard of our closest cinema.

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