Godzilla vs. Kong: Millie Bobby Brown reveals she suffers from social media hater anxiety

Millie Bobby Brown is one of the hottest teen stars of recent years. He did do commercials and small television roles during his early days, however, it was with Stranger Things – 76% who rose to international fame. Now the 17-year-old has established herself as a favorite of the media and networks, with wide recognition around the world and a millionaire fortune for her young age. But from time to time the life of the young actress is disturbed by criticism on social networks. Through a new interview with MTV News, Millie She admits that the social media environment makes her anxious.

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Millie She is quite active on her social networks, especially Instagram, an account in which she has more than 44 million followers. Through the profile, he shares material about his work and daily life, however, on many occasions it has provoked criticism from Internet users, the reason? Not looking like a girl her age. Brown she takes great care in her image and always seeks to look splendid in front of the camera, but some Internet users do not have a good opinion of this and suggest that she behave like a girl her age. For MTV News, the interpreter talks about the difficult moments that her interactions in networks have brought her.

Unfortunately, when I was younger, I was much more liberal and didn’t really think about fame. She is enjoying it. Now, although I am very grateful for it, I have dealt with anxiety for a while. I’ve definitely dealt with some aspects of fame in recent times. You cannot put on a mask because people can see through it. I’ve done things in the past, like posting videos of myself angry because this is me and I’m not going to hide it from you, because I’m a normal girl and I’m finding out everything on my own. That is my journey, I have dealt with anxiety and am learning to cope with it. I meditate, I write a lot.

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Being a Hollywood star with millions of followers, Millie Bobby Brown It is not exempt from criticism and even humiliation on social networks. But he has managed to cope with all the bad and continues to have a brilliant career in the entertainment industry. The actress still has many projects ahead of her and surely the passage of time will make the criticism stop.

Stranger things It is about to premiere its fourth season and fans await it with great excitement. The recordings were stopped in March last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, in October the resumption was announced and the entire team returned to the sets to continue the Hawkins adventure. The advances we have had are few, and only limited to a few images with little information, as well as that trailer of a few seconds in which we discover that Jim Hooper survived and that he will return more determined than ever, even with new acquired skills.

The race of Millie Bobby Brown looks brighter than ever. He is about to star in the fourth season of Stranger things, last year she shone with her starring role in the hit Enola Holmes – 95%, and we recently saw her in Godzilla vs. Kong – 85%, the highest grossing film of the pandemic; In addition, she runs her own skin care line and is an ambassador for UNICE. Although the networks criticize her for her way of reflecting herself on social networks, it is clear the path that she has decided to take and is doing very well.

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