Godzilla vs Kong could have a sequel and its director already plans it

Godzilla vs Kong has been a resounding success at the box office and in HBO Max Why not dream of a sequel? This is what your manager is wondering.

Adam Wingard, who was in charge of directing Godzilla vs Kong, is aware of how well his creation has done in gross. This has made the filmmaker dream of creating a second part. In fact, not only have you had the idea, but you are already planning some details.

As shared with Deadline, “I would love to continue,” said the American. That said, continuity will not depend on him, but on the executive parts, which would be tempted by the reception that the first part had.

However, Wingard’s dream does not die here, but he already thinks about what is coming for his possible saga and it is that “the clear starting point that we started, exploring the Hollow Earth, I think there is much more to do there. This is a prehistory of Planet Earth, where all the Titans come from. We uncover some mystery in Godzilla vs. Kong, things I want to see resolved, explored, and taken to the next level. If I get the chance, I know what I’ll do. Depends on Warner Bros and Legendary, if they have an appetite “.

With this last sentence he made a direct invitation to the producers to crave more or to reject a franchise.

Name or quality success?

Godzilla vs Kong, the greatest success of the Box Office during the pandemicGodzilla vs Kong has raised over $ 121 million

Although it is true that the film is the best premiere at the box office during the pandemic, raising more than 121 million dollars, some parts of its plot have been controversial and many followers of the now called Monsterverse they have been disappointed. What makes the future of this brand an enigma.

On the other hand, it is true that what was left was a lot of cloth to cut and the creators achieved their mission: to establish a base.