Inter Milan has closed the signing of Arturo Vidal for days but the official announcement is being delayed for one reason: Diego Godín. From Milan they want to close the Uruguayan’s departure beforehand and then announce the agreement with Barcelona for the Chilean’s arrival. The center-back is not part of Antonio Conte’s plans for this season and could go to Cagliari.

Godín is one step away from Cagliari but does not want to forgive a penny of the 5.5 million euros that charges at Inter. His salary is being the main handicap for both clubs to close the deal. At the moment they are looking for a solution that is favorable for all parties, so that the Nerazzurri group can announce Vidal.

He Inter does not want to make the incorporation of the midfielder official until Godín’s march is closed, and meanwhile the signing of Arturo Vidal is blocked. However, in Italy they assure that the Uruguayan’s departure could be unlocked in the coming hours and the former Atleti would head to Sardinia to start a new stage in the hometown of his wife, Sofía Herrera.

Since he left Atlético the Uruguayan cannot find his place. He resigned to continue in the rojiblanco club to go to Inter, where He hasn’t finished fitting in and now Conte doesn’t have him. It is very cold outside Simeone’s coat and this shows it. Godín was vital in the axis of the mattress back but in the Nerazzurri club he has not managed to give his best level and convince the coach, so he will now go to a team that last year fought not to be relegated.