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As we have informed you in several notes this weekend, PAX Online has already started and will offer updates on many games the following week. One of the companies that were present is Gearbox Software and, apart from making announcements for Borderlands 3, it revealed details of Godfall, the next game that will arrive on PC and PlayStation 5 as a console exclusive.

In its reserved space on PAX Online, the distributor revealed the details of the editions in which Godfall will be available on PlayStation 5. We remind you that it had been confirmed that the title would have a standard edition and a deluxe edition. The first would only include the base game and will be sold for $ 59.99 USD, while the other would also give access to Expansion 1, which is expected to debut in 2021 and will cost a little more, $ 79.99 USD.

Godfall will have 3 different editions

The Ascended Edition will include a lot of digital content

Well, today it was announced that Godfall will have one more edition, the Ascended Edition, which will include several objects that cannot be obtained in any other way and will give the warriors a very exclusive appearance, since they are items in the game. We leave you a list of the content, which will be sold in exchange for $ 89.99 USD.

Base game and Expansion 1
Gold Weapon Pack
Golden shield
Gold banner and lobby title « Zodiac Knight »
Skin Valorplate Orange Vertigo
Gold Valorplate Skins for Silvermane, Phoenix and Greyhawk

Ascended Edition content

Likewise, the distributor announced that those who pre-order the game in its different versions will also have access to extra content, such as more cosmetic items and objects that will be useful in the adventure. Perhaps the most striking item within the incentives is the sword, as it is an element of the Borderlands universe. We leave you with the list below of the pre-sale incentives in the game, as well as the image of the content. Below you can also find a video in which this weapon is shown in detail.

Chrome Valorplate skins for Silvermane, Phoenix and Greyhawk
Skin Valorplate Red Typhon
Starter Pack Items (Starting Augment Set, Charm, and Ring)
The sword of Zer0

Godfall Pre-Sale Incentives

Gearbox Software also shared a new video in which you can see Godfall’s combat in 4K resolution, we leave you with it below.

What do you think of the various editions of Godfall? What is the one that catches your attention? Will you pre-order the game? Tell us in the comments.

If you were wanting to see more Godfall gameplay, then we recommend you check this page. In this other you will see its great cover.

Godfall will debut sometime in 2020 for PlayStation 5 and PC (via Epic Games Store). You can find more about him if you check his file.

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