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Godfall is one of the first titles to be announced for PlayStation 5 and has been present in some spaces dedicated to the console, but not in today, in which Sony gave a glimpse of many of their launch titles. However, this does not mean that it will debut after its premiere, but that it has already been confirmed that it will be part of the initial lineup.

Almost at the same time as Sony’s presentation, Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing announced that Godfall will also be one of the titles that will arrive on PlayStation 5 on the same day of its launch.

The title will go on sale on November 12 through the Epic Games Store and will coincide with the launch of the PlayStation 5 worldwide; That is, it will also be available on November 12 in all the countries in which the PlayStation 5 will debut, including the United States and Mexico, while Europe will arrive on November 19, when the next-generation console will be released there. country.

In case you missed it: pre-sale for PlayStation 5 begins tomorrow.

We remind you that Godfall will have 3 different editions and the most complete will be offered in exchange for $ 79.99 USD, and will give access to a lot of digital content. In addition, players who pre-order the game will be able to get more digital items, including a Borderlands sword.

Along with Godfall, Sony will also release 6 games from its in-house developers, so there will be plenty of titles for early buyers of the PlayStation 5.

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