Goddess of the jungle, Maribel Guardia in elegant summer outfit

Goddess of the jungle, Maribel Guardia in elegant summer outfit | INSTAGRAM

In case you still did not know the beautiful Costa Rican driver Maribel Guardia has changed the television cameras by cameras that are responsible for capturing their beauty in different outfits and dresses that come to your house to share with us.

That’s right, the beautiful 62-year-old woman continues to work very hard and strive to reach your screen, but this time on your computer or cell phone thanks to her social networks where she is working as influencer.

In the photograph that we approach on the day of today we can appreciate how again in a practically perfect way hello beautiful actress was placed in a place full of plants and wore a print dress also with many drawn plants, so it seems a whole goddess of the jungle.

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The beautiful singer receives various dresses and outfits by parcel so that she can try them herself and can recommend them first-hand, something that has been working very well so that more people know the store, of which she is an ambassador.

And how not to gain popularity if a great in the entertainment industry such as Maribel always has a lot of attention and her fans are always there to support her with their likes and positive comments.

There is no doubt that his work is becoming very important for the world of Fashion and fashion in these times because he is imposing a trend with everything that always raises the best accessories sneakers and everything that he uses to accompany the beautiful sets of clothes.

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In truth, the designs are quite elegant and beautiful so you could use them at any time this summer, which is the purpose of it that you can join to enjoy those good range products.

In addition, in his stories, he presumed to us that he still has several dresses, approximately 10 unused for photo shoots, so we are completely sure that every day we will be receiving a new photo from him in which you look more and more beautiful.

Finally, it only remains to mention that together we will be very aware of everything that comes up to share it with you and that you find out about her curiosities, news and that interesting information that arises around Maribel Guardia, the woman who with the passage of the years only looks Prettier.

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