Goddess! Natti Natasha sings her success without clothes for her followers

Goddess!  Natti Natasha sings her success without clothes for her followers (AP)

Goddess! Natti Natasha sings her success without clothes for her followers | AP

The Dominican singer Natti Natasha She knows perfectly how to seduce her millions of followers and on that occasion she did it singing how God brought her into the world on her official Instagram account causing endless sighs.

There is no doubt that talking about sensuality is synonymous with Natti Natasha, because in each of her publications on social networks she draws the attention of Internet users who are highly idolized with her.

On that occasion, in addition to the video, he also shared a photograph without any clothes and, as expected, both publications accumulate millions of likes.

Once again the urban artist Natti Natasha He challenged the c3nsura on the Instagram social network with a home video and some quite suggestive photographs.

In fact “How bad it was for you” was the success with which he delighted his followers in a video where he was topless, covering his breasts with his long wavy black hair.

This strip needs a NAME. . . How do we put it? #what happened? #lavueltasetecayo #culito #tuotravez #quemaltefue I only need that to let go … I’m in defense of the girls who change them for another and then want to turn to #nattinatasha #nattinat, “Natti wrote in the publication.

The video was shared on May 13 and so far it already has more than five million views, while the photograph where only the front is covered with a towel exceeds three million likes.

Click here to see the suggestive video of Natti Natasha.

I DON’T KNOW WHETHER TO LISTEN OR LOOK, WHAT DID YOU DO? “,” It lasts mommy two a bonbon “,” I love that song “,” Yes, my love I remember “, see “,” THE REPENTANT DOG “, were some of the comments.

For this exponent of urban music, the challenges have grown and little by little she has been breaking her own records, because you just have to go around the networks to realize that she is a goddess of Olympus.

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However, for Natti Natasha the road to success has not been easy at all, since having to move in a musical world dominated by men has turned out to be a huge challenge, because it is not only a competition for the music market, but because many of those who run the industry still think that women don’t sell.

So before entering this world of show business, the former industrial engineering student already saw herself on stage, she dreamed of singing on top of them and when she had the opportunity to start venturing out, she didn’t miss it.

I was a young lady from her house and when she went out she only did it to sing. I was actually running away with the group to perform, ”he commented with a smile.

In fact, Don Omar, one of the great exponents of the urban genre, was among the first to see its potential and it is for that reason that he did not hesitate to give it a try.

Today when social networks have become windows to the world, the videos of singers like Natti Natasha they have managed to penetrate barriers and reach millions of people directly through their computers and phones, achieving unprecedented success that continues to break stereotypes.

One of her secrets to achieve what she has and what until today was discipline and above all, believe in what she was doing.

It was not easy at all, because it was not that they gave me a yes right away, rather I lasted many years and I think it was achieved thanks to my consistency (work) and my discipline, but above all, thanks to the fact that I was able to show my art, because this for me this is my passion ”, explained the young woman.

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