GoDaddy falsely put up for sale for $ 100 million

Web domain registrar GoDaddy appeared to have made a mistake by listing the domain for sale for $ 100 million. However, the ad has since been withdrawn.

The web domain is currently owned by Bitcoin Cash (BCH) leader Roger Ver, who stated that the news is very false. He blames people on social media who circulate the fake news in hopes of damaging Bitcoin Cash’s reputation and making it appear to be at risk.

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‘If true, that would hurt BCH a lot,’ he claimed, adding that it’s just one more dirty trick from BTC’s maximalists. ‘

But others have provided a different explanation to Godaddy’s list. Some pointed out that is owned by Namecheap, which means that Goddady leased the domain. As a result, those who buy the site cannot have full control of the domain, given Goddady a reason to seek higher bidders.

GoDaddy is keeping silent by mistake

While the web domain registrar has removed the domain from its lists, it has not explained the error or commented on it.

The latest development is a reflection of the current brand issues facing Bitcoin Cash.

In 2018, attracted negative posts for promoting Bitcoin Cash over Bitcoin. This misled several investors into buying a lower ranked token.

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Bitcoin Cash Still Faces Branding Issues

The Twitter account @Bitcoin has also changed hands, with the account owner switching from Bitcoin Cash to focus on Bitcoin (BTC). It has caused a lot of controversy over the years and this list of domains from will further complicate things for the company.

Earlier today, Ver stated on Reddit that he is not about to lose the domain after losing the Twitter account.

More branding issues may arise in the future as some of the Bitcoin community are trying to define Bitcoin Cash as the main successor to Bitcoin.