God knows! Raúl Araiza caught kiss and kiss with his girlfriend

God knows! Raúl Araiza caught kiss and kiss with his girlfriend | Instagram

A love to the four winds !, Raúl Araiza and the beautiful actress Margarita vega They have not talked about their courtship; However, a picture is worth a thousand words, as the famous couple was caught kissing.

It was the magazine TV Notes that launched a publication in which it revealed the photographs of the driver of the Today Program and the actress from What’s wrong with my family? in a more than romantic moment since they meet kiss and kiss, clearer nor the water that there is love.

Raúl Araiza and Margarita Vega were apparently enjoying lunch amid laughter and caresses when the attraction did not prevent it and it was the actress who took the initiative to kiss her lover.

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According to journalist Alex Kaffie, the actor from La Desalmada and the beautiful actress would have been dating for two months now and the relationship is going so well that they are even living together. The villain of the shows detailed that it was Raúl Araiza Herrera who took his suitcases and went to live next to his beloved.

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The rumors of this relationship began after Margarita Vega frequently went to visit Raúl Araiza in the Hoy Program forums and it was Alex Kaffie himself who detonated the news.

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After Kaffie made the romance known, the actors would end up confirming it with their photos on Instagram. Araiza was the first to share a photograph in which he was very romantic with the actress, although her face was not seen.

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Everything was confirmed when Marigarita shared the same photograph on her social network. Many were quick to congratulate the couple for giving themselves a chance in love. It has also been announced that Raúl’s ex-partner, María Amelia Aguilar, would also be releasing love.

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