It is exactly 30 days since the NBA declared the season suspended until further notice due to the positive for coronavirus of Rudy gobert, player of Utah Jazz. Since then, the competition is working to find the right path to follow, whether it be to extend the course until August and even September, or to declare this campaign null and void.

Many fans blame Gobert for not being more cautious and exposing himself to the disease so much. The video in which the French center, days before he knew he was infected, fiddled with microphones at a press conference as a mockery of COVID-19, left the popularity of the Jazz player in a very bad place.

In fact, according to the journalist and NBA insider at The Athletic and Stadium Shams Charania, the current relationship between Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, the other player from the Salt Lake City franchise who tested positive, is currently fatally injured.

The Frenchman’s attitude, as Charania relates, pissed off Mitchell too much, when he learned that he was also infected with the coronavirus, all his anger exploded. Currently, a reconciliation between the two players seems impossible.

In the weeks leading up to March 12 the two players shared a seat on the team bus, on the planes …, they were together all day. The hostilities towards Gobert stem from the fact that Quin Snyder, Utah Jazz coach, gave his players a series of recommendations to follow that the Frenchman did not comply with.

Failure to reconcile the two Jazz stars will likely affect the team’s chemistry, and the franchise itself is forced to transfer one of its two players to ensure its short-term future in the upper part of the Western Conference classification.