Goals and summary of the Guardians 2021 of Liga MX

Tigres left in Qatar the aggressive football that captivated against Palmeiras and the orderly game that dignified their defeat against him Bayern Munich, because in San Nicolás, the team was the same in Liga MX: slow and predictable, being beaten 2-0 with Cruz Azul.

The feline team was far from its world runner-up tag and succumbed to a rival who knew how to hit at the start, resist the attacks of the royals in most of the complement and sentence in the twilight of the duel, for his fourth consecutive win and third place award.

And to exemplify the celestial superiority there is an example at two minutes: « Cabecita » stood alone in front of Nahuel, but the Argentine goalkeeper rejected providential with his right leg to save the first goal.

The notice became a sentence two minutes later when the Machine exerted high pressure at the exit of the university team. Nahuel, in a hurry, cleared and “Chaka” left the ball at the mercy of the visitor, quick and astute to take advantage of the mistake, and Orbelín crossed for Romo’s header at the near post, for the 1-0.

After getting up, Cruz Azul played at home, at pleasure, playing from one side to the other, against a timid opponent who showed fatigue, although in minute 32, Gignac turned around and Corona threw himself to his left to avoid the 1-1.

Later, neither the referee Erick Yair Miranda nor the VAR wanted to expel Jesús Dueñas for a tackle from behind on Romo, the judge getting a yellow card.

« Cabecita » had the 2-0, but wanted to define fantasy by « chopping » the ball, without disturbing « Patón ».

« Tuca » did not expect anything and at the start of the complement he sent Nicolás « Diente » López to the court for Dueñas, and immediately the presence of the Uruguayan was noticed with two consecutive sieges, one of them a header from Carlos González at Corona’s hands.

The change revolutionized the feline attitude and found another opportunity on the right with a center from « Chaka » to « Cocoliso », uncomfortable in his header, which passed over the goal.

The change revolutionized the feline attitude and found another opportunity on the right with a center from « Chaka » to « Cocoliso », uncomfortable in his header, which passed over the goal, but the insinuations were already the reflection of a Tigres who was in the game .

And this was demonstrated by Carlos González when he fired a free shot for the saving throw from the corner of José de Jesús. The UANL prowled firmly the tie. There wasn’t much of a secret and Reynoso made two changes with the income from Pablo Aguilar and Walter Montoya for “Piojo” Alvarado and Yotún, seeking to balance the domain of the host.

In the 67th minute, a controversial play when « Diente » headed for the goal, but « Shaggui » got in his way, but what looked like a red, ended in an offensive foul by the Uruguayan attacker. The party was already painting, in intense, in blue and yellow.

To avoid the rebellion, Reynoso again made two movements, putting Guillermo Fernández and José Rivero for Aldrete and “Shaggui”. Avoiding the tie was the priority. With fifteen minutes remaining, Ferretti looked for greater power in attack with Fulgencio for Quiñones.

With eight minutes to go, Orbelín left his place for Angulo. In counterattack, Fulgencio had the confidence, but emptied his shot over the crossbar. And the failed attempt became a celestial goal, the work of Guillermo Fernández, who played precise left-handed away from Nahuel’s throw for the decisive 2-0.