We talk about the rate Go top. Last August, Orange also lowered this rate for a week, being much more affordable than what its competitors offered, where the discount that leaves the rate around 25 euros is only available for 6 months. Now, Orange has once again set itself apart from the market norm with its Go Top rate at half price for 12 months.

23.98 euros for 12 months for unlimited data with Orange: no permanence

This rate includes unlimited calls and data, including 4K quality streaming video and Amazon Prime for 24 months for a price of 23.98 euros per month. This price is available for six months normally, but now we can enjoy it for 12 months. The promotion is available from September 14 to 20, so you can only get it during this week. Once the 12 months have passed, the price becomes 47.95 euros per month.

Calls include a maximum of 200 destinations per month, and include 23 GB roaming. The rate does not have any type of permanence associated with it, so once the 12 months have passed we can change the rate without any problem. Although it does not have permanence, if we have registered a new number and we remove them from the rate, we will have to pay 18.15 euros.

The offer is available only for new registrations, portability from another operator, or migrations from prepaid to contract made through the Orange website. It is not applicable to migrations from Amena, or changes in rate. It is also not compatible for those who have already contracted the rate with the six-month discount.

Movistar or Vodafone only promote up to six months

With this type of temporary offer that Orange makes in unlimited data, the operator stands out from what Movistar or Vodafone do. In the case of Movistar, the operator lowered its Infinite Contract from 12 to 6 months with a promoted price, going from 24.95 euros per month to 39.95 euros per month from the seventh month.

In the case of Vodafone, there are two discounted unlimited data rates, where the Unlimited Maxi It costs us 21.99 euros per month, with data at 10 Mbps and 40% discount for 6 months; the same time that the stay lasts. Subsequently, the price rises to 36.99 euros. The Total Unlimited without speed limit has a promotional price of 23.99 euros for six months, but the permanence becomes one year, so the price we have to pay during the last six months is 47.99 euros per month.