Alex’s tape‘, directed by the writer and filmmaker Irene Zoe Alameda, she was forced to delay its release after the closing of theaters decreed by the coronavirus crisis. June 26 will be the date finally chosen for its premiere, making it the first Spanish production to be shown after the temporary closure of theaters.

Fernando Gil, Roco Yanguas, Aitana Snchez-Gijn and the famous Bollywood actors Amit Shukla, Krishna Singh Bisht and Monica Khanna star in this film about Alexandra, a teenager who reunites with her father after a long forced separation. He is a merchant who has spent several years in prison accused of terrorism by mistake.

Once released from prison, the two embark on a journey to India, where Lex tries to rebuild his business and rebuild the relationship with his daughter. Once there, the events happen unexpectedly and tragically, after an explosion that threatens to separate them forever. Only the girl will have the keys to save her father.

The film reaches the Spanish theaters after succeeding in more than a dozen festivals and international awards. The film has swept the London Gold Movie Awards and the Las Vegas Movie Awards, where it has won important awards such as best film, screenplay, direction, soundtrack, photography, and double for the leading actor and actress.

Just before the Covid-19 shutdown, the film had won the Best Film and Actress Awards at the New York Winter Film Awards. That recognition came after having also triumphed at the Cyprus International Festival and having been doubly awarded at the prestigious Jaipur International Film Festival, one of the most important in India. Other international festivals in Bucharest, Louisiana and San Francisco also included the ‘Alex’s tape‘in their official competitions.

The film was already liked by the Spanish public who saw it at the Almera International Film Festival (FICAL), where it was presented as one of the best Spanish raw pears of the year after having won the contest “The Talent Pack-Fundacion SGAE”.

The film is the first independent production of Spanish cinema made between the United States and India; an international project led by co-producers from the three countries that are committed to commercial author cinema. In the words of the director, it is “an action film that exudes much tenderness; a family road trip of reunions and connection between two distant worlds, which we hope will be liked by the public and critics.”

Regarding the commitment to being the first Spanish film on theaters after confinement, the distributor and producers are confident “that our film will help viewers return to movie theaters and enjoy the reunion with a new sample of the best Spanish cinema” .

Co-produced by Storylines Projects, Barbarella Productions and Fronteras de Papel AIE, in association with Manchester Creations, ‘Alex’s tape‘arrive at the movie theaters by Syldavia Cinema, on June 26.

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