GN and IFT will give video conferences on cybersecurity

In order to offer useful information, advice and recommendations for a culture of cybersecurity, the safe and responsible use of the Internet and trust in the digital ecosystem, the National Guard and the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) will hold the Week of Cybersecurity Conferences 2021.

Virtually, from July 5 to 9, both organizations will transmit keynotes, discussion tables and other activities, with the participation of experts in the field, both national and foreign, through the social networks and portals of both institutions.

In accordance with the announced program, the conferences will address the issues of privacy and protection of personal data on the Internet; cybersecurity for girls, boys and adolescents, and prevention of online fraud.

Other topics that will be disseminated are electronic commerce and financial services and gender violence on the Internet, indicated the National Guard spokesperson.

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The Cybersecurity Conference Week 2021 It will seek to promote among the population the use and exploitation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in a responsible manner, as well as to share useful information for protection against risks, threats and cyber attacks.

The Covid-19 pandemic that we are facing has highlighted the importance of telecommunications and ICTs, especially the internet, whose access to content, applications and services has been an enabling tool for other fundamental rights such as the right to education. , work, health and access to information ”, explained the National Guard, in a statement.

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He added that both the federal corporation and the IFT will promote the reporting of the main cybercrimes, mainly those that attack children and adolescents.

Therefore, the conferences will disseminate the generation of new and best practices in cyberspace, with the participation of mothers and fathers, as well as tutors and teachers.

We will continue working hand in hand to promote respect for the rights of users of telecommunications services, digital literacy and the responsible use of the internet, with a view to promoting a culture of cybersecurity ”, it was indicated.


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