Gmail will give users greater control over their personal data, according to Google

According to Google, Gmail continues to work on security for its users thanks to new settings.

Google will add new settings to Gmail to give users more control over their personal data.

According to the company, among the adjustments that will be made in the coming weeks will be the use of automatic filtering for runs.

This filtering will allow placing emails in primary categories, social and promotions, explains the portal Phonearena.

Also, users will be able to enable or disable Smart Compose. This tool suggests what a person would like to write in an email.

More tools that Google will enable for the convenience of the Gmail user

Other functions in which users can make decisions are:

The enablement of summary cards with tracking numbers for packages, travel plans and more.
The ability for Google to use event details to create entries on the person’s calendar.
Personalize Google products with data from Chat, Meet and Gmail.

All can be activated or deactivated by the person who manages the account.

Google’s goal is to offer the most useful features to enhance the Gmail experience, among other company products. And always with the greatest security.

For this year, the company also removed the default settings. This is so that Android users do not have to automatically get rid of data that they do not want to share with other people.