Gmail launches widget on iPhone

One of the novelties of iOS 14 was the possibility of customizing the screen with widgets, as in Android. Several Google applications such as Google Photos, YouTube Music, and Google Search were among the first to add their own widgets, to which now join Gmail.

Gmail launches widget on iOS, with a design similar to the Google search widget and somewhat less interactive, at least for now, than its namesake on Android. With this widget you can search, compose a message or go to the inbox.

Gmail already has its widget

One Google app that didn’t have its widget ready for iOS 14 yet was the popular Gmail email client. The application has had a widget on Android for many years, and now it doubles the bet on iOS, although with a totally different design.

The Gmail widget for iOS focuses on giving you quick access to some functions, specifically three: search mail, compose a new mail or go directly to the inbox. In contrast, the Gmail widget for Android includes the same, as well as a scrolling list with the emails of the label of your choice.

The Gmail widget on iOS (left) and Android (right)

The utility is therefore somewhat limited, although it is still useful for those who use Gmail intensivelyso that they can perform these three actions quickly. At the moment, Apple does not allow interactive elements such as scrolling in iOS 14 widgets, so it does not seem that mailing list like the one in the Android widget will be coming to iOS in the near future.

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Gmail launches widget on iPhone