GMA T.50s Niki Lauda: The magician did it again!

When Gordon Murray developed the F1 for McLaren always thought about the driving experience. In multiple interviews, he has stated that his intention was not to set speed or acceleration records, his mind was simply set on creating a purist, driver-centered vehicle. Everything else came alone; the McLaren F1 remained the fastest vehicle for more than a decade , is still the fastest naturally aspirated car to date, and it marked a turning point in the way of making cars. We are literally talking about the cornerstone of what we know today as a hypercar.

McLaren F1 changed motorsport history foreverMcLaren F1 changed motorsport history forever

It all sounds wonderful, however, thanks to all the accolades, records and all the paraphernalia that F1 was involved in, he drastically increased the price of his insurance and his care. A car that was designed to be enjoyed on a daily basis, little by little it was being removed from the tracks and asphalt and became a historical piece, worthy of a museum.

The GMA T.50 represents everything that the McLaren F1 could not beThe GMA T.50 represents everything the McLaren F1 could not be Sandowalsky

27 years later. The South African genius developed the T.50, a modern reinvention of the F1. In his words, the T.50 is everything that F1 could not be at the time. Now, with total control of this project, he managed to put all his creativity and brilliance into it. Just like its predecessor, eThe T.50 was designed to offer a purist experience and despite the brutal characteristics of this carsomehow managed to get it designated as a roadworthy vehicle, giving its customers the opportunity to make the most of it at all times.

We thought the story would end there, but no, there is still a lot to talk about. If the performance of the T.50 “just” does not surprise you, Gordon Murray Automotive presents a more radical version, designed solely for track use, called T.50s Niki Lauda. If we compare it with its predecessor, this would be the equivalent of what the F1 GTR was at the time, although, according to some, less handsome.

GMA T.50s Niki Lauda.  A more radical version of the T.50 specially designed for the trackGMA T.50s Niki Lauda. A more radical version of the T.50 specially designed for the track Sandowalsky

Reduced weight, more power and a more responsive transmission. GMA managed to reduce its weight to 825 kg (previously 986 kg) using stronger and lighter materials. According to the brand, this version does not share practically any part of the body, not even the carbon fiber monocoque. In addition to this, one of the two passenger seats was removed, now in its place we find an extinguisher, yes, the central driving position is maintained.

This version achieved quite a significant weight reduction and added more power and torque.This version achieved quite a significant weight reduction and adds more power and torque to Sandowalksy

In terms of aerodynamics, we find a fin that runs through the center of the body to the rear and bears the name of the legendary pilot Niki Lauda. The iconic fan remains, but now stands out even more thanks to a more prominent rear diffuser and a huge raised spoiler.

The front features a divider that helps the air flow to be channeled towards the side ducts to provide greater downforce. The side panels are made entirely of carbon fiber and the windows are thinner than in its street version.

The most symbolic aerodynamic element is found in the fin that starts from the center.  Pays tribute to the great F1 driver Niki LaudaThe most symbolic aerodynamic element is found in the fin that starts from the center. Pays tribute to the great F1 driver Niki LaudaSandowalsky

The mechanics also received great benefits. We continue to find the exquisite 3.9-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine, exclusively designed by Cosworth. Modifications include a coating on the heads as well as on the camshaft to withstand increased power and pressure, the compression ratio is now 15: 1. The block now weighs 16 kg less, but can provide up to 725 hp against the original 663 hp. To make the in-cab experience more exquisite, the engine can spin up to 12,100 rpm.

The iconic fan remains, but is now overshadowed by a massive diffuser and large spoilerThe iconic fan remains, but is now overshadowed by a massive diffuser and large spoiler

The manual gearbox is lost in this version and is replaced by a six-speed automatic with steering-wheel gears developed by Xtrac, which sounds quite logical and rational, since it provides an instant response and now you will not have to take your hands off the wheel in no time. With all these changes, the suspension setup was tweaked, geared towards performance on the track. To lower the center of gravity even further, the vehicle’s height was lowered to 87mm at the front and 116mm at the rear. The figures are to be confirmed, but the maximum speed will be between 320 and 340 km / h.

Virtually the entire cabin is covered in functional carbon.Virtually the entire cabin is covered in functional carbon.

We may not find a Bosé sound system, a multimedia screen or Android Auto or Apple CarPlay connectivity in the cabin, but anyone would be happy to see so much functional carbon fiber. Practically everything is covered in carbon, the only thing that receives a little color is the seat and the steering wheel, which can be configurable to suit the client. All the necessary and relevant information is displayed on a side panel, where you will find from tire pressure, engine information, lap times, vehicle aerodynamics and much more.

This incredible machine will go on sale at a price of £ 3.1 million pounds (excluding tax) and Manufacturing will begin once all the regular T.50 units have been delivered. Only 25 lucky people will be eligible for this beautiful machine, Gordon Murray’s masterpiece.