Victor Toledo and Victor Villalobos face off over the chemical glyphosate (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The 4T suffers his most serious confrontation between two secretaries of state for him glyphosate herbicide. The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) issued a statement in which unknown the terms of the blueprint of presidential decree on the subject of pesticide than Shipping the Ministry of Agriculture (Sader) to the National Commission for Regulatory Improvement (Conamer) and requests a public apology for having used he Name by Víctor Toledo, Minister of the Environment, without its consent.

In an otherwise incomprehensible act, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, uploaded to the platform of the National Commission for Regulatory Improvement a preliminary draft of a presidential decree on the issue of glyphosate, which not only does not reflect, but also contradicts the instructions given by the President of the Republic, derived from two meetings with representatives of various state secretariats including Semarnat

The Sader sent to the Conamer a draft decree where is establish the Actions to be carried out by institutions to program and coordinate technical studies necessary that allow to determine the security from the chemist glyphosate, an agent carcinogenic chemical.

The document states that Once there are conclusions from the studies, reforms to legal regulations that establish the proper use or prohibition of glyphosate as an active substance will be promoted, in addition to promoting the use of other substances among farmers. So that, if it is banned in Mexico, the necessary technology is developed that allows both its replacement and the increase in productive levels with a view to achieving food self-sufficiency.

Víctor Manuel Toledo, head of Semarnat, demanded a public apology from Sader (Photo: File)

The Semarnat for his part has suspended imports of glyphosate and has raised the elimination from his use for 2024.

According to National Agricultural Council (CNA), the fifty% of the glyphosate is used in the south-southeast of the country and the prohibition from his use without alternatives would imply Stop to produce more of 76,000 million pesos, having greater impact in crops like corn, sugar cane, tomato, bean and wheat.

He secretary of Environment noted that for the government of the 4T “agroecology constitutes a topic fundamental for the environmental policiesl, agricultural and livestock which are intimately linked to the issue of the welfare of society ”. Therefore, he said that the transition that Wanted it is change he agro-industrial model for model agroecological, initiative that has been supported for him President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Victor Toledo said that was created he Intersecretarial Group of Health, Feeding, Environment and Competitiveness addressed to attend all the food chain, from production to consumption for generate healthy food, and among other objectives this group seeks suppression of 80 pesticides, starting with the glyphosate, and reported that they are awaiting a presidential decree by which this herbicide stay suppressed completely in 2024.

Statement on the use of glyphosate in Mexico (Photo:

Separately, the National Campaign No Corn No Country stated that said blueprint Did not meet with the agreements that had previously been established between the secretariats involved and the Presidency of the Republic.

We are convinced and convinced that glyphosate and other herbicides and pesticides, many times associated with the use of transgenic seeds, imply a considerable cost to governments and society, due to the disastrous consequences for the environment and human health, which violate the human rights of the population

The MST exposed that since years ago various studies have evidenced than « glyphosate is an agrochemical that causes serious damage to health and the environment”, So in various countries have prohibited or limited its use.

Added that has been unleashed a « strong resistance from large agri-food corporations and agrochemical companies such as Dupont, Bayer-Monsanto, among others, which promote a predatory industrial agriculture model that causes serious damage to the country caused by its technological packages such as the use of herbicides , fungicides and certain fertilizers, in addition to their seeds and transgenic varieties« 

Organizations denounce that there is resistance to eliminate glyphosate by Alfonso Romo and Víctor Villalobos, head of Sader (Photo: Cuartoscuro / Special)

And they added:

From the office of the Presidency as well as that of Sader, there is a strong pro-business lobby led by its holders Alfonso Romo and Víctor Villalobos who are known for their ties to Monsanto

For its part, students, academic and members of organizations of the civil society, « We express our support for initiatives that help to guarantee the rights to food and a healthy environment. We welcome the recently expressed commitment by the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) to gradually reduce the use of the systemic herbicide glyphosate and achieve its total ban by 2024, thereby protecting the rights to a healthy environment and food..

However, they said they were concerned about the proposed presidential decree to establish the actions to program and coordinate the necessary technical studies to determine the safety of glyphosate published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Sader).

Finally, the environmental organization Greenpeace Mexico denounced that he presidential decree to set the actions to schedule and coordinate the technical studies necessary to determine the safety of the glyphosate published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development it has not been a product of the dialogue among the institutions involved: Semarnat, Ministry of Economy, Sader and Health Secretary.


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