Gloria Henry, the mother of ‘Dennis the Menace’, dies

Gloria Henry, a 1960s American television legend and the mother of ‘Dennis the Menace’ in the classic series, has died at the age of 98. The actress has passed away the day after her birthday at her home in Los Angeles on April 3, 2021, as reported by his daughter Erin to The Hollywood Reporter.

Henry was born in New Orleans in 1923, of Scottish and Irish descent, and began his career as a radio commentator. In 1946 she was signed by Columbia Pictures to star in “Sport of Kings” directed by Robert Gordon. Later he also participated in ‘The Strawberry Roan’, ‘The Arkansas Swing’ and ‘Racing Luck’, in addition to giving life to one of William Bendix’s daughters in ‘Kill the Umpire’. In the cinema he also participated in ‘Rancho Notorious’ directed by Fritz Lang’ and fourteen more series B titles only between 49 and 52, which were put on television.

Her first major role on the small screen was that of Michelle Malone in ‘The Files of Jeffrey Jones’ and since then it was followed by appearances in’ My Little Margie ‘,’ The Abbott and Costello Show ‘,’ Mr. & Mrs. North ‘and a very long etcetera until landing as Alice Mitchell in ‘Dennis the Menace’ along with Herbert Anderson and Jay North. He shot 146 episodes over 4 years.

'Naughty daniel'After success

After ‘Naughty Daniel’, her career stagnated because she was pigeonholed, at least in the eyes of the audience, in the role of mother. During the 80s and 90s he had sporadic roles in series such as ‘Dallas’, ‘The Brady Brides’, ‘A precocious doctor’ or ‘Sisters’, until he practically left the profession. His last two works were the film ‘Her Minor Thing’ by Charles Matthau in 2005 and an episode of ‘Parks and Recreation’, ‘Campaign Shake-Up’, the 17th episode of season 4, where she played Mary-Elizabeth Clinch as a guest star in 2012.

On a personal level, she was married twice and had three children. She considered herself a mentor as well as a friend to Jay North, little Daniel.