Global tourism looks forward to vaccinated older adults

Vaccines are one hope in this pandemic. As is the case in Argentina, where older adults will begin to be vaccinated in the coming days, in many countries they were the first to receive the inoculation because they are a population at risk. Being in the front row, they could also be the ones leading the recovery of global tourism.

According to a New York Times article, across the United States, between hotels, cruise lines and tour operators, the data is clear: older travelers are leading a wave of new bookings travel. Those 65 and older, a priority audience for receiving doses, are now emboldened to travel, often as their children and grandchildren continue to wait for a vaccine.

The prestigious newspaper cites several examples. Aqua-Aston Hospitality, a Honolulu-based company with resorts, hotels, and condos reported that Senior reservations rose nearly 60 recently in January.

However, many still prefer domestic destinations. Or not too far away. They feel more secure in the face of a pandemic that is still a threat.

Older people are more eager to travel in 2021 than other age groups, and are also more likely to link the time of their travel to when they receive their vaccinations, according to a January survey by the travel agency network. Virtuous. In the study, el 83 percent of respondents age 77 and older said they were more ready to travel in 2021 than in 2020, and 95 percent of the same group said they would wait to travel to receive their vaccine.

For its part, the CNBS chain mentions that it is impossible to know when vaccinated people will feel comfortable traveling, but there are indications that some may be ready to venture again. The travel company Vienna-based TourRadar is experiencing a substantial number of calls from seniors who say that now that they have received their vaccination, they are ready to travel. Of its 2021 bookings, 52% are from people over 50 and 30% are over 60.

The prevention and chinstrap they will not stay at home for now.