Glenn Close thinks it would be great if he never gets an Oscar

The veteran actress has already been nominated for the award seven times. Photo: . | .

At this point, the film industry (especially the sector that is interested in pleasing specialized critics at any cost, has been in charge of creating in the figure of the awards Oscar as the highest status symbol in the career of anyone who dedicates their life to filmmaking.

But there are others, like the veteran actress Glenn Close, which despite the accolades they have received throughout their career, have no problem with the absence of this award on their shelves.

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The latest edition of Variety’s “Actors on Actors” would have organized an interesting conversation between Close and the young actor and comedian Pete davidson, where the actress addressed the issue of her nominations and the lack of victories at the ceremony: « Is it better to go out in a wheelchair and get the ‘Achievements of a Life’ award? You don’t have to give a speech, ”he says. Close.

“It is above me. I don’t know what to say about that. I just have to continue doing what is good. You fulfill yourself with your work, and that’s the process for me. It’s what feeds my soul, but it’s really nice when other people like it.  »

It might be cool to never get one (Oscar award). I wouldn’t mind if they take me in the chair when I’m old and drooling and have a gray wig to cover my bald head.

The latest nomination of Close to the awards Oscar would take place in 2019, when she competed for the category of « Best Actress » in the tape « The Wife”. Other nominations in the same category would be awarded thanks to the tapes « Albert Nobbs« , »Dangerous Liaisons » and « Fatal attraction”.

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Close She was also nominated for « Best Supporting Actress » in « The Natural« , »The Big Chill » and « The World Acording to Garp”. Despite the strong criticism it has faced « Hillbilly elegy”, The new film directed by Ron Howard, it is speculated that Close could be nominated as « Best Supporting Actress » in the Oscar of this year.