Gladiator and Braveheart actor loses his life at 65

Gladiator and Braveheart actor loses his life at 65 | INSTAGRAM

Just a few hours ago it was confirmed that the actor from Hollywood and also bodybuilder Mike Mitchell lost his life, he was mostly known for his appearances in popular film productions “Gladiator” and “Brave Heart”.

The information was published in the medium TMZ, its representative announced that the actor lost his life last friday in a ship off the coast of Turkey. It is also becoming known that his family believes he lost his life for Causes natural, although they did not give more details.

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“It was very hard to believe… The sudden death of a actor international, an honest person, a real actor, a true friend, my dear friend, has deeply saddened me. I have always had the honor of being your agent. I wish your wife, dear Denise Mitchell, patience and your children. Knowing him and winning his friendship is invaluable, ”it was written.

Mike Mitchell also leaned his career towards the bodybuilding and was so successful that he even managed to win Mister Universe and numerous world fitness championships of his World Federation, for which he also received titles such as “The Strongest Man in Great Britain”.

In fact, his physique was the key for him to easily enter acting and it was in 1994 when he was chosen to participate in “Corazón Valiente.” Then he had the great opportunity to appear in “Gladiator”, “The Planet”, “One Day Removals”, “City of Hell”, “Life on the Line” and “Emmerdale”, excellent productions of the cinema.

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Mike had health complications in 2006 after winning his fifth World Fitness title: he suffered a serious heart attack.

Even before losing his life, Mike Mitchell lived on a ship in Turkey with his wife.

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