Giving up title Prince Harry asked for further criticism

Give up title Prince Harry is asked for new criticism | Instagram

After a recent talk in which Prince Harry made certain comments taken against the British Family, it would lead to a strong request to the grandson of Queen Isabel from the British: “Let him renounce his title.”

Everything seems to indicate that some of the recent arguments on the part of the prince harry It would cause tremendous annoyance after it is said that it would question his father, Prince Charles and two of the most important figures of the monarchy.

Harry’s words have so horrified close supporters of the British Family that they have exposed to a well-known media the measures that should be taken in the face of criticism from Prince William’s younger brother.

They should just be Harry and Meghan. If you refuse to do so, they have to explain why. Added a supposed source

The words of the youngest son of the deceased Lady Diana, were taken from a podcast, and in turn interpreted as a criticism not only of his father, but also of the queen and her husband, which would cause strong discomfort among the courtiers (sympathizers of British royalty).

If I have experienced some form of pain or suffer! So much that perhaps my father or my parents suffered! 3ron … Then I am going to make sure that I break that cycle and do not transmit it (to the children) “, they were part of the arguments of the grandson of the deceased Philip of Edinburgh.

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Immediately the conversation on the part of the “former member” of the British crown was the target of various comments, most of which were against him in the talk he had with actor Dax Shepard, who presented the podcast “Armchair Expert”.

Mainly, his statements provoked a wave of resentment among the monarchy’s personal aides who admitted to a well-known British tabloid, they experienced feelings of “bewilderment and betrayal,” according to what EFE exposed.

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According to what she revealed, the husband of the “former Suits actress.” His main objective was to protect his family from what he himself had lived through and which has cost them so much to overcome.

He did not want his children: Archie and the baby who is on the way for whom he is expected to be born in June, to go through what he himself suffered, being raised by his father … He wanted to end this “d0l0r and suffered! Mi3nto genetic in the royal family, he noted.

However, although Enríque de Sussex has had the support of many people in the United States, those closest to the British monarch do not give credit to the recent words of the “former soldier of the British army”, mainly due to the fact of the duel that his grandmother still lives because of the duke’s departure.

In recent years, since his resignation as “senior member” Prince Harry has focused on purging all kinds of thoughts that would have plagued him for years.

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“The Duke of Sussex has now spent a great deal of time emphasizing that he is no different than others and in attacking the institution that he says has caused him so much pain.”

There is a growing feeling that ‘if you don’t like the institution, you shouldn’t have titles,’ the source added.

But on the other hand, the British newspaper also clarified that, so far there is no formal plan for Enríque de Sussex to lose his nobility titles, however, if there is a lot of pressure on the part of those close to the family to interpret him as a betrayal”.

The recent statements of Prince Harry come to further fracture the possible reconciliations that could arise between the prince and his family.

Meanwhile, Henry Charles Albert David is happily waiting for his second daughter with the American, Meghan Markle with whom he currently resides in California.

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Likewise, he and his wife are also about to undertake new projects and have disciplined himself to contribute to causes aimed at “mental health” amidst various controversies between the relationship of the “former royal” and his family, which in light of knowing each other These details have divided opinions around the world.

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