give them more control over their children’s networks

TikTok, the popular video app, expanded the Family Matching feature that it had introduced in early 2020.

Parental control over children’s TikTok has been expanded. The parents spoke and the company listened to them.

Starting in November, the Family Pairing feature adds new features.

Let’s remember that the function, created at the beginning of 2020, allows parents to link their accounts with those of their children. Helps to monitor and protect minors.

In short, that the TikTok experience is for the whole family, as defined by the app.

These are the new features of parental control on TikTok

New features include:

Search, to decide what content teens can access. Includes control over users, hashtags and sounds.
Screen time control, by which you can determine how long the minor can spend on TikTok.
Restricted mode, so that inappropriate content for minors is limited in your child’s For You feed.
Commentary, that allows parents to decide who can comment on the teen’s account.
You can also decide if the account is public (seen by anyone) or private (the equivalent of the Twitter lock or the Instagram permission request).

Previously, the automatic deactivation of direct messages had been determined for those under 16 years of age.

The important thing for parents is to share with their children, as much time as possible and on any network. The individuality of the adolescent is respected, but always with control against the problematic day to day on the Internet.

« In addition to our tools for families, we continue to strengthen our policies for the safety and well-being of young people, » said the company it’s a statement. « We recently added more guidelines and resources to support positive sentiment in our community, and we removed both harmful content and hateful ideologies. »