MEXICO – Overcoming the fear of becoming infected, they walked the corridors in search of their father. They entered the intensive care areas, they saw each one of the patients fighting for their lives, but he was not among them.

“If they want to come here so they can see that nobody is there,” they were told in the hospital.

For more than 6 days, Pedro Hernández’s family has searched for his corpse in the hospital where he died and in the morgue, because after notifying them that he died by COVID-19, they were given ashes that, they later learned, were someone else.

“And they do not give us the body, overnight it turns out that it was lost,” says Pedro Hernández’s niece.

The representatives of the clinic of the Mexican Institute of Social Security where everything happened, apologized and assured that they are working to locate the lost remains.

“We are going to identify the other family members to make the change,” they are told.

The president insists that the epidemiological curve was flattened.

Cases like this have been repeated on multiple occasions in Mexico since the pandemic began. Another woman also had the same nightmare when she was given the remains of someone else.

“That they give it to me as they have it, but that they give me to my husband,” says Teresa Patrón, they confused the body of her husband.

Given this situation, in many crematoriums in the country they are beginning to use the “witness plates”, which remain with the body from the moment they arrive at the crematoriums and until they deliver the ashes to their relatives.

Badges made of special materials withstand the hundreds of degrees in the middle of the fire.

Mexico City Government supports entrepreneurs and students in the project.

“It is a stainless steel plate, with a special alloy that is placed on the wrist or ankle and comes with a consecutive number,” explains Carlos O’Farril, who created the plates.

Once the body is cremated, the plate is removed from the ashes and delivered along with the urn.

In this way, the relatives do not have to suffer again and again the loss of their loved ones or bury someone they did not even know.