Giuliano Simeone earns his place

Giuliano Simeone made history at the Red Bull Arena in Salzburg. For four minutes, yes. It was the time that the referee took to annul the goal he had scored, the first with the shirt of the Atlético de Madrid. A controversial decision that generated many doubts, both on the lawn and in the homes of the mattress fans who followed the match on television.

The realization of the match insisted again and again on offering the repetition of a control of Sergio Camello with his chest, with his arms glued to the trunk, which made us think that the ball had brushed against the extremity and that this had been the reason that led the referee to cancel the goal, since the youth squad was in charge of stealing the ball and attend Giuliano, which he defined perfectly with a cross shot.

However, the Austrian referee ended up signaling offside. And in another repetition it could be seen how a clearance by a Salzburg player bounced off a mattress footballer. At that moment, Camello was coming back from offside. That was what invalidated the goal of the son of Cholo.

Giualiano he had celebrated the goal in style. Also his father on the bench. But it did not rise to the marker. Atlético remained without a draw and Giuliano, without a goal, in his second game with the first team. Something that, far from making him collapse, will spur him on, true to his character.

He already made it clear after the meeting on social networks. “Eager to keep improving,” he wrote. And in it he is. At the moment, with the confidence of the coach, who has opted for him as the first striker in the two friendlies played by Atlético this preseason. On Saturday, a new test before the Wolfsburg in Germany.

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