Giselle Blondet reveals her daughter suffered a heart attack

Giselle blondet He confessed about the hard time he lived almost two months ago, when his eldest daughter, Andrea, suffered a heart attack while breastfeeding her baby, little Liam Gabriel, who was born on April 22 . Through her social networks, the television presenter shared a video in which she explained that her eldest daughter, whom she affectionately refers to as ‘her little butterfly’, suffered a spontaneous dissection of the heart, something that the doctors related to the postpartum of Andrea, who was a week after giving birth to her baby.

Giselle blondet© @ giselleblondet Giselle Blondet with her daughter and son-in-law, days before Liam’s birth

In her profile on Instagram, the host shared the following message in which she detailed what happened to her daughter, in addition to thanking everyone who was watching her health. “I already have the strength to tell you … On April 22, my grandson Liam Gabriel was born and we could not be happier with the arrival of this much desired baby and that my daughter had thanks to an intense fertility treatment,” read al beginning of the text. “April 30 was the most horrible day in our family and at the same time the day he was born again after he suffered a spontaneous heart attack”.

In the clip, there are images of Andrea in her recovery, as well as her return home after living the most complicated days of her life. “The people you see in these photos are some of the angels that God placed to give back to my daughter Andrea and her mother to my little Liam. Thank you God 🙏🏼for this miracle and all the angels that you put in the way to save her ”.

Giselle blondet© @ giselleblondet Giselle Blondet with her little grandson Liam

In addition to this video, on her Facebook profile, Blondet elaborated on her daughter’s health, and through tears she acknowledged that this experience was a lesson in humility, as Andrea was treated in a hospital that was far from the family’s expectations .

“My eldest daughter, ‘mi mariposita’, fought a lot for that pregnancy and finally that day, on April 22, she achieved her dream of becoming a mother. A week later my daughter was nursing Liam and had a heart attack“Blondet said. “They call it a spontaneous dissection of the heart, something that I seem to have understood is related to postpartum. It happens to a very small percentage of women, but let’s say that in most cases it is fatal ”.

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