Giselle Blondet has no beauty secrets

“It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s about how you feel and consent to yourself, how you take care of yourself”, that’s how the conversation began with Giselle Blondet, who at 57 years of age is the living proof that beauty has no due date.
For the actress, entertainer, mother and grandmother of two, it is important to carry this message of self-esteem and self-love.
“Instead of criticizing people who say that one does not have the right to look or feel beautiful at whatever age one is, whatever it is, I think that it is better to talk about how you take care of yourself, indulge yourself and love yourself, because you deserve it. And that’s what I do, ”explains the well-known Puerto Rican.
Giselle assures that she does not have any special secrets in terms of treatments or routines, but rather is a lover of simple things and faithfully believes in the advice we always hear: eat healthy, drink lots of water, exercise, remove makeup before bed and protect yourself from the sun.
“People believe that I have some secret, and I say ‘I will have to invent one’, because the truth is mine is so simple, I do not like far-fetched things. I live a very quiet, family life, I like to sleep well, eat in a healthy way, although that does not mean that I do not eat a brownie with ice cream or a pizza from time to time, because I think that problems lie at the extremes ” , he points out.

Another of his priorities, which he assures is reflected in his physical appearance, is to take time to rest, to pamper himself.
“I make time for myself, which is sometimes difficult, especially when we work from home, but you have to do it as a discipline. I regularly take a good bath in the bathtub, where I can watch television, light my candles, read ”.
The also author of the book “Tengo 50 ¿Y qué?” She says she maintains that simplicity in the creams she uses to take care of her face, which is why she has just joined Pond’s, a brand that she says has always been part of the beauty routine of the women in her family.
“My grandmother used it, my mother, my daughters have it at home. It is part of our tradition ”, he assures. “I just don’t know a house that I go into and there isn’t a Pond’s cream in the cabinets.”
Among the brand’s wide range of products, Giselle claims to be using the Rejuveness Collection line with retinol, which helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, tighten and hydrate the skin.
Giselle recommends the Rejuveness line to maintain skin firmness./Courtesy

“There are three products, the moisturizing cream that you can use during the day and at night, the serum, which for me is the most important food for your skin because it works deeply and helps with blemishes, and the eye cream, which has a blur effect, which hides wrinkles, ”he says.
As part of her association with Pond ‘s, she says, she also aims to make Latina women understand that you can be beautiful at any age.
“We have to get out of our heads that when time passes you lose the right to feel and look good,” he concludes.

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